Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oh what a beautiful morning...

Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beauitful day. Oh what a beautiful morning everything's going my way... OR NOT!

So it's 7:30 on Saturday and I'm awake to the sweet sounds of Alex playing in his crib. It's early for a Saturday especially after staying up late for my cupcake class. I don't mind though since my baby did sleep all night. I get out of bed and make my way down to check a few e-mails before getting Alex out of bed. I let Jason sleep in like I do almost every weekend.

I approach Alex's door with a hello, good morning bug. He is happy and playful. I notice his sheets are a little wet. I can't tell if it's droll or pee. No biggie he needs his sheets changed today anyway. I grab him from his crib and sweep him directly to the changing table to get him dressed for the day. As I unzip him jammies I see in horror at the same time I smell in horror a very full diaper laying in the pant leg of his jammies. Yup I said it wasn't on it was off and floating in his pant leg. I begin to freak out and call for Jason who is still asleep and obviously in a deep slumber because I yell forever before he replies. I guess Alex thought he was in trouble because he begin to sob. Finally Jason joins me in the nursery half asleep and unaware of what is about to hit him. We gathered the floating remains, diaper and such in hopes we won't be experiencing this again.

As I sit typing this Daddy and Alex are showering. What a morning! Note to Jason: if you are struggling with a diaper next time, give me a call. Don't just think ahh this will do, it might not. =)
Sorry no pictures of the even, as much as I would like to remember this memory I don't care to remember it that well nor do I think you do either.

Instead here are a few pictures of Alex I haven't shared. His new thing is balancing everything. Whether it's him balencing or his toys. He loves to build towers with his blocks and then balance his cars on them. What a boy!

Hope you have a great weekend! Jason and I are sneaking away for a few hours today while Alex hangs out with his Grandpa. Tomorrow is my 2nd cousin Oaklie's 1st birthday party. Should be a good weekend. Enjoy the pictures!


Mollie said...

So sorry I stayed so late the other night:o( How was your date and the birthday party?

Dorothy said...

So Adorable. And so inventive! Just wait till he discovers other big things he can build or climb on! You will love that!