Thursday, March 19, 2009

First Kiss

Her name was Hayden... strikingly cute with blond curls. She wore a dress and leggings. She was a stranger in a pizza parlor until their high chairs met and the rest was history.

Tuesday night we were out having pizza when we were seated next to a family with a little girl Alex's age. We chatted a back and forth as the kids played. Hayden and Alex loved sharing crayons. I turned my back to Alex for a minute and when I turned back there it was.. Alex's first kiss.

Lip to lip Alex and Hayden were kissing. Ahhh a camera I called to Hayden's mom, this is my son's first kiss I told her. We sat there laughing as Hayden's Daddy informed Alex he had his eyes on him. Alex reached out and puckered up for another kiss before I informed him that the only girl he should be kissing for now is me.

So I didn't get a picture and didn't even get their information for another kiss another day. I will however remember Alex's first kiss and will one day tell him how he was smitten by a curly blond haired babe in a pizza parlor.

He's a ladies man and he isn't even two yet. I'm in trouble!


Jamie said...

You are in trouble! So sweet!

Jennelee said...

You are definitely in trouble Shar! That is too cute. Miss ya!

Dibble's said...

That is the cutest story I've every heard! What a ladies man!