Sunday, March 15, 2009

22 months

Alex is 22 months old today. Only 2 months to go and I will be a Mom to a 2 year old, CRAZY!! We had a pretty good weekend overall.

Friday I helped my friend Natalie with some wedding shower invites and our boys played. That night Jas, Alex and I had a family night at the new NYPD pizza place near our house. It was definitely new and having some growing pains but the staff was nice, the food good and we left with a free pizza and dessert so we will go back for sure, just going to give them a few weeks to get stuff in order.

Saturday Alex woke up acting a bit strange. Usually he is very chipper in the morning but he just seemed there. I was on the phone and next thing I heard Jason needed me NOW. Alex has thrown up in his hands. After lots of cuddling and refusing all food including his favorites we gave him some meds and a nap and he seemed to feel a little better. While he napped I did a little shopping, cleaning and went to lunch. Later that night we headed down to Highland to attend a friend's wedding. Emily looked absolutely stunning in her wedding gown. I couldn't be happier for her. You know how some people just deserve the best, she is one of them. I am so glad she has found love again.

Today has been such a beautiful spring day. Jason and I couldn't resist the weather so we packed up a picnic and headed to the park. Alex loved the swings, slide, doggies, running and chasing after the ball. Once we got home I decided to record him having a PB sandwich since he 22 months old today. Alex is still long and lean but is getting taller and outgrowing his 18 month clothes. He is constantly learning new things and loves to repeat new words daily. He knows so many now I have lost count.

Here are a few pictures and videos to enjoy. Hope you had a great weekend too.

"Cheese" this is the first time he has said cheese when I asked him to smile.

Gotta love the eyes

I loved this cheese pose. Of course by this time he wanted to see each
picture after I took it.
Silly boy!

Jason got an order on Friday while the Snells were at our house. I had to grab the camera to capture our little band.

PB sandwich and strawberries, yummy!