Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Family Night

Feeling a little icky today, I think I have another sinus infection. It's definitely a PJ day for sure. Alex is napping so I decided to go through some pictures I recently downloaded but haven't got around to blogging about.
Here are a few from 1/19/09 ya I know I'm behind. That night we decided to have a family night down at the farms at Thanksgiving Point. It was colder than we expected but Alex actually kept his mittens and hat on so we were happy. Alex enjoyed the animals but wasn't so sure about the pony ride this time around. Enjoy!

I love the behind shots of my boys. Something about Alex walking with his Daddy that always makes me happy.

Checking out the animals with Daddy.

Looking a tad bit cold but was interested in the cow.

Or not!!

Another pony ride, we seem to enjoy these more than Alex does.


Jamie said...

I think all the parents enjoy the pony rides more than the kids ;)

Dibble's said...

Alex is getting so big! I love it! I can't believe that he'll be two so soon! GOODNESS! I love the mittens and hat, Boss has the same ones!

Dorothy said...

I seriously love family nights! There is nothing better How cute is Alex on the pony! Um yea...I'm thinkin we need to hang out soon!