Thursday, April 10, 2008

Just another lazy day

I been a slacker at blogging lately, not much to talk about. We have been laying low this week just spring cleaning and finishing up Jillian's wedding album. I have even been bad about taking pictures so yesterday I broke out the camera during cookie and bath time and got a few fun shots. It's amazing to me how much Alex's little personality is coming out at such a young age. He is full of slobbery kisses and smiles. Yesterday I kept him entertained for a half hour playing catch. At first he would throw the block to me until he realized it was either going over his head or to the side of him but never to me. Finally he decided it would be easier to lift his bum a little and hand the block directly to me. So for a good 30 minutes I would toss the block to him, he would giggle, hand it back to me and wait for it to happen all over again. What a goofball! He also has kept entertained by throwing his plastic balls on the kitchen floor, watching them roll and chasing after them. He is such a fun kid to have around. He wears me out and keeps me entertained all at the same time.

Cookie time- It's hard to believe that one little cookie could create all this mess... YUCK!

Luckily we have bath time to follow, don't you love his expressions. He has really found his tongue this week and loves to show it off.

All clean, smelling good and hamming it up for the camera. Man I love this kid!

I will post again this weekend after Jillian and Clay's wedding with lots of pictures I hope. Have a great day!


Janea said...

so cute. I still need to see this kid in real life.

dibble family said...

He's so cute! i can't wait for RSV season to be over so we can play!

Mollie said...

I think I need you to come take pictures of my kids! How do you capture such great expressions! My kids are always trying to run away from the camera:o(

Oh how I love your little guy!

Bennett Family said...

i LOVE that pic of him in the bath that looks like he's ready to give kisses. he is ADORABLE!!!