Monday, March 31, 2008

Alex's many adventures

It's been a crazy week full of adventures and firsts for Alex. A few include....

his first movie Horton Hears a Who

My friend Mollie and I took our little ones to the MOMs movie. We had a great time after a rough start ;) jk Mollie. Alex did very well until the very end and then he just wanted to crawl around on the first floor and being the mean mother that I am I wasn't about to let him.

We also went to the park and enjoyed swinging on the swing set, no camera that time. I will go again soon I am sure.

Jason and I went to the baby day expo on Saturday and entered
Alex into the diaper derby. Don't you love the B98.7 across his tush.

This picture was taken before it started when he was practicing his crawl and doing an awesome job. Jason put his bottle at the finish line and off he went before he stopped to look around and a little red head girl decided to crawl on top of his back. He just stayed there all calm while everyone laughed. Next thing I know it's over. =*( Oh well at least we know the girls like him. We also entered him into a cute baby contest but that won't be announced until the end of the week and I don't have any pictures to post from it yet.

This is how Jason found Alex sleeping this week. Gotta love the bum in the air.

We finally broke out the Tonka Truck Alex got for Christmas from Grandma and Grandpa OwYoung. Alex loves to be pushed around while he honks the horn.

Lastly Alex has been getting up a few in the middle of the night lately not to eat but because he as wiggled out of his blankets. We gave in and bought him a sleep sack. It seemed to do the trick last night hopefully it will continue to work. A mom really needs her sleep. It was a fun filled crazy busy week. Alex is almost 11 months. His first birthday will be here before long. Anyone have some great ideas for a theme? I've never hosted a one year old birthday party.

Let's cross our fingers that we won't get more snow. AGGG !!! Is it really suppose to snow in March? I am going to lay low tomorrow ( I pulled a muscle in my back and it's killing me) and get my niece Jillian's Wedding Album done. Her wedding is less than two weeks away. I am cutting it really close. Hope you have a great April Fool's Day, maybe I will post a pregnancy announcement. Wouldn't that be a great joke?


Bennett Family said...

whew! thx for the april fool's reminder! i totally forgot! its my FAVORITE holiday for SURE!!!

love the "stink bug" sleeping picture. my kids always slept like that too.

hope your back feels better! i don't think scrapbooking and "laying low" should ever be used in the same sentence together! :)

Emily said...

I did something to my back also, sure stinks huh? I almost had to keep my hubby from work because I could barely get out of bed. I feel like i'm 90.

Elicia said...

Little Alex better have won the baby contest! He is adorable!

Lisa said...


It was so good to hear from you. Alex is so dang cute. I can't believe how old he is. Man time flys.

Take Care and talk to you soon

Ginamarie said...

Hey Shari-

I am probably the last person you would expect, or want to hear from, but I wanted to let you know that I think of you often. It is good to know that you, Jason, and Alex are happy. I saw you at the BabyExpo and wanted to say that Alex is adorable!

I hope that you continue to have the happiness that you deserve.


Mollie said...

Look at that cute little bum! I had fun at the movie...even though we truly did get off to a horrible start! Let's get another MOM date planned!