Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! It was sure nice to get out this weekend and enjoy the sunshine. I know many of you will think man she takes allot of photos but remember he is my first and pretty dang cute at that. Our Easter weekend photos...
Saturday we went to our local Easter egg hunt with some friends. They also had face painting, bounce houses, clowns making balloon toys, a real fire engine and the Easter Bunny himself with a few of his friends. Afterwards we enjoyed some bagels at Einsteins before retiring home for a much needed nap. Later that night we went to Rib City for dinner. It was our first time there but it was very good food with excellent service so we will be back for sure.

Dad helped Alex get a few eggs and candy. None of which he could eat or was worth us eating but fun none the less.

Mom and Alex at the Easter egg hunt

Standing all by himself

Alex looked so small compared to the big red fire engine

Try not to pay attention to me falling over at the end of the video =)

Alex loved his balloon sword the clown made him

We took a picture with the Easter bunny but his eyes were crooked and the picture was horrible so you get to see his friend the strange looking horse instead.

Sunday we went to my mom's house for family dinner and a Easter egg hunt for Shae and Alex.

Checking out our goodies

Shae found some bubbles left behind by the Easter bunny

Alex hanging with Uncle Mike

Not a fan of his sunglasses

Alex also received his third hair cut from Aunt Kim.

We tried to let Alex crawl to a few eggs but he wasn't a fan of the grass. It shouldn't be funny but we kept cracking up at his response.

Happy Easter!


Bennett Family said...

you can NEVER have too many pictures of a cute baby like that!

and by the skies, dinner at pammie's AND einstein bagels? i'm DEFINITELY jealous!

miss you!

Mollie said...

I absolutely adore that outfit...espceially on such a cute little stinker! Can you believe I forgot my camera for half of our festivities? You definitely beat me in the number of photos!

emily said...

well let's hear it then!