Friday, March 21, 2008

One Crazy Child!

What a nut!! Alex has kept us on our toes this week with his adventurous nature. He is into anything and everything. Today he pulled himself up using his swing and stood there for a few minutes. I don't see it being too long before he is walking. Looking forward to a spring like weekend complete with Alex's first Easter. Have a good one!

Here are a few fun pictures from this week.

Crazy Alex after eating a biscuit. Man those things are messy!
Check out that not so white t-shirt.

A face only a mother could love!

Not sure you can tell by this picture but Alex fell asleep today sitting up laying against the crib railing. What a child!


Bennett Family said...

wish i could join you for an Easter feast!!!

Mollie said...

Oh I just love your little guy! I need to see him soon...I'm having withdrawls:( Good thing we're getting together on Monday!

Hope your Easter is fabulous!

Emily said...

Love the crib picture. Classic!!

Amy & B said...

hi Shari! I'm glad that you found my blog. When I saw your comment it made me think of the last time that I saw you at McDonald and I think we were both pregnant at the time. Wow, time flys by. Your little guy is so cute. Isn't it so fun being a mom. I'm going to check back at your cute blog often. Take Care! --amy