Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patty's Day!

What a lucky day! I met my honey 8 years ago today. It was crazy how instantly I felt we were meant to be. I thought for sure he was too good to be true. Eight years later he is still my best friend by my side through thick and thin and to celebrate this year our luck has added Alex. I truly feel blessed beyond words. Happy St. Patty's Day Jas, I love you! SYFAE

This picture was taken in Moab a month before our wedding. I kept reminding our friend Nate to drive careful because we had a wedding to attend in a month.

We were a month pregnant here and didn't even know it. I know I have posted this picture before but it's one of my favorites. It was taken at our friends Heidi and Howard's wedding in Cali.


Mollie said...

How exciting! Aaron remembers the dates of all of our firsts...our first phone conversation, our first date, when he proposed...I have a hard time remembering what year we were married!

Anyway, hope your day was special and fabulous!

Stantons said...

I pretty much forgot that Monday was St. Patrick's Day. Oops. Luckily I wore a green shirt on accident.

I have to agree with Mollie on remembering the dates. I forget my own birthday sometimes...