Thursday, December 6, 2007

My Sister the Nurse

If you know me very well you have heard me speak about my BF, favorite sister, older sister, okay my only sister Kim. I have probably told you how incredible she is. Not only is she an amazing sister and friend to me she is also one of role models. She has many roles here are just a few.

Mother of 5 beautiful children

Fabulous sister/daughter

A wonderful wife

Gospel Doctrine Teacher ( this is amazing all on it's own)

College student


Doula ( she helped me through labor)

Taxi driver

SHARES volunteer among vol enter for many other organizations ( I can't keep track of them all)

Bishop's wife ( She just added this one to her list)

On top of all of these titles ( I've probably missed a few) she can also make you laugh. The only thing I can think of that she doesn't do to well is sing and that's another story in itself. =)

It has been so nice to have her help me through my pregnancy, the birth of Alex and now raising him. She is just a phone call away which is so helpful. I look up to my sister in so many ways. Today I wanted to take a minute and congratulate her on a recent accomplishment. She was just accepted to nursing school. I know that although it will be a challenge she will do an amazing job. She currently works at Bear River hospital in the nursery. She loves those babies as though they were her own.

Congratulations Kim, Kimmy, Kimber!! I am very proud of you!

Here are a few pictures of my sis over the years.

I found this cute nurse icon and just had to include it. I hope Kim gets a little white dress and hat just like this one.

Kim decorating cookies at our annual family Christmas party a few years back.

Kim and her kids in Disneyland at the bug's life movie.

Kim and her baby Shae at my wedding.