Thursday, December 20, 2007

Redneck Christmas & Santa's nose hair

I bet my title got you to read this entry huh? I will explain in a minute.

I've been a slacker at blogging this week. Between Jason's b-day, Alex being up all night teething and me trying to finish up last minute Christmas stuff I have been busy. I have some fun pictures to post from this week that I hope to get to soon.

Tonight it's a blizzard outside, Jason left work at 5:30 and it's 8:00 and he is still not home. His average daily drive is about 45 minutes. Sounds fun huh? I hope he will be here within the next hour. Alex was super grumpy and tired so I put him to bed. Jason will be sad that he is down but I wasn't about to try and keep him up just to see his Dad.

So whats' up with the title you ask well... This weekend we ventured to Cabela's to pick up a Christmas gift. For those of you not aware of what that is I will fill you in. It's a HUGE outdoor sports store. It is so large it has it's own restaurant inside of it complete with strange food like boar and elk sandwiches. It is a man's paradise with everything you would ever want that has to do with hunting, fishing, or camping. While we were there we decided to take Alex to see Santa for the first time. You can't pass up a free picture and small line ( it beats the mall).
As we walked into the gun museum (where Santa was) I had to crack up. I could just picture my Dad in heaven laughing with joy at the fact that I had his grandson in a hunting store to see Santa. We had to wait for one person before it was our turn. I assume this was because we came 15 minutes before Santa was heading home for the day. It may also be the reason why our Santa wasn't too thrilled to see the kids. I was concerned that the Santa would be fake but oh no he had a real bead and white hair. Alex wasn't sure what to think of him. He just looked at him and attempted to pull his beard until Santa stopped him. I went to get Alex off of Santa's lap when I saw a long nasty black hair growing out of the top of Santa's nose. It was all I could do to contain myself from reaching over and plucking it out. YUCK!!!
So here is our free picture that I am sure made my hunting Dad proud. This one's for you Dad! Merry Christmas, I miss you!

This picture is scanned so the original one is a tad bit better. Don't you love the background. HA HA!!

In case you wondered, I am not sure if we will get to the mall to get a REAL picture with Santa before Christmas. This one may have to do.


Mollie said...

Well, I am just jealous! My two little ones won't go near Santa! And I think the picture is adorable, unique, and something you'll always treasure! Maybe I'll head over to Cabella's this weekend...mind if I copy you?

Janea said...

So funny. I wouldn't dare go to a store like that..even for a free pic with Santa. My dad too though, would be very excited if I were to hand him a Santa with deer in the background.:) But, I guess I am not as dedicated as you as I will not be giving my dad the chance to smile down on us while standing in a hunting store. :)