Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays!

It's hard to believe that Christmas is over and before long it will be 2008. In honor of the New Year I thought I would change my blog look a bit. I have always loved Cookie Monster and the color blue so this template works out perfectly. If you are in search for a new look or need some help with your blog I have found some terrific sites for us blog dummies, if you need them let me know.

I hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I know our family did. We were spoiled as we are every year.

I thought I would share a few of my favorite gifts with you. I received a lot of good ones but these would be my top favorites.

First would have to be my Tiffany & co. bracelet from Jas. It's so pretty and perfect to wear everyday. Funny thing I loved the note he included with the bracelet as much as I did the bracelet itself. He usually doesn't take the time to write a special note so this meant allot of me. Awesome gift!

My new 600 count sheets and soft blankie from my Mom. Talk about dying and going to heaven, these sheets rock. Too bad I don't spend more time in my bed although I can't complain too much Alex did sleep through the night last night if only he could keep it up.

Third would be the gift I received from my sister and her fam. It was a basket of goodies with a gift certificate to a bed and breakfast. It came with a cute poem offering to watch Alex for us while we get away for a night. My oldest niece Jillian added a gift certificate to it for dinner. What an amazing gift. I have to laugh though because the poem said they hoped it would result in another son. Between the basket and sheets I think my family is in a bigger rush to expand our little family than Jas and I are. Give us a few years please!!!

Last but not least would have to be the pink fuzzy robe I got from my in-laws. You would think I have enough robes but with Alex up in the middle of the night this robe is perfect. It's so cute, cozy and warm. I love it!!

I received allot of other great gifts but those were my favs!!

Alex was spoiled with lots of clothes, books, toys, a huge stuffed animal, a tonka truck to push or ride on. He had a great Christmas!

I will leave you with some pictures from the past few weeks. Boy have we been busy! Happy New Year!
We went out to dinner on the 15th with our friends the Pews to celebrate Jas's b-day and our friend Jamee's b-day. We took this picture of Alex while we waited to be seated. He was being extra goofy as you can see.

On the 18th, we took Alex to see the lights at Thanksgiving point with our friends the Whites. We had a great time. Here we are all bundled up after our wagon ride.

Here is one of our takes from our Santa baby photo shoot at home.
We wanted to get a cute picture to include in our Christmas cards.

After multiple nights of not sleeping well due to teething, I found Alex asleep on his tummy Christmas Eve for a LONG overdue nap ( he slept from 10-3). I love to sleep on my tummy too.

On Christmas Eve, we had Jas's family over for dinner and presents. Here is his Dad Al and Sister Alanna.

Alex entertaining Grandma OwYoung at dinner.

Who needs a TV when you have Alex to entertain you? He was making us all laugh. Especially when he insisted on having some of Dad's garlic mashed potatoes. Note to self: They don't smell as tasty coming out. Never feed them to Alex again!

Alex with his new frog ( Grandma and Grandpa OwYoung spoiled him rotten).

Alex opening his Giggle Giraffe toy. He loved ripping the paper off his gifts.

In my family I always received a new pair of Jammies on Christmas Eve. I bought this cute pair for Alex, had to show you the bum.

Here is a picture of Alex and Mommy, buddies forever!

We took mostly video on Christmas morning but here is one cute camera shot of Alex playing with his new toys. Gotta love the bow in his hair, probably the only time I can get away with it.


Bennett Family said...

boy, you are one SPOILED girl! awesome gifts! and you have a DARLING, DARLING baby!

love the new blog layout. time to change mine!