Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Silly Songs

At our house we have a time and a song for everything. I know I am a little strange for making up songs and singing them to Alex especially when I can't carry a tune to save myself. I may be strange but they seem to entertain him and also remind him as to what we are doing, that or distract him. I don't want to ever forget them so I thought I would share them with you. Too bad I can't sing them for you huh? ;)

Most of the songs I sing I have made up however there are a few of the classics like pat a cake, the itsy bitsy spider, 5 little ducks, how much is that doggy, Mary had a little lamb and lately multiple Christmas songs. Alex also loves a tune I have on my cell phone, this one you can hear oh my blog which is the cuppy cake song. When he is tired and cranky I can often play this song in the car or in the middle of the night and get him to relax and go to sleep. It's been a real life saver. He loves music. I found this out early on when my nieces would play songs on their cell phones to relax him. I wonder if he will be in a band when he grows up.

Here are a few of the songs I have made up. When I go to get Alex out of his crib in the morning I always sing "Good Morning to you" to the tune of Happy Birthday. The second verse is my favorite which goes... Your my bug a boo and I love you, good morning to Alex Roger OwYoung... Good Morning to you.

When burping Alex I sing " hey mister bubble please come out, I said hey bubble please come out, oh mister bubble, oh mister bubble, oh mister bubble please come out..... come out come out wherever you are.. come out and say hello. " It's funny how upset he can be but once he hears this song he calms down while I get him to burp.

I love to sing these two different songs to Alex when he is completely focused on just me. This isusually when we are cuddling.
"Well hello, well hello it's very nice to see you today. Well hello, oh well hello, well hello, well hello."
"You're my very best friend in the whole wide world, in the whole wide world, you're my very best, you're my very best friend."
Not very often but once in while I sing a song to Alex that I made up years ago when one of my nieces Bailey was living with me. It goes like this, " Naners, Naners we all love naners, naners for our belly buttons, naners for your toes, naners for our eyeballs and naners for our nose. Wopee, wopee, wopee. Naners, Naners we all love naners, naners for our feet, so we can cross the street. Wopee, wopee, wopee." If I am feeling really silly this song can go on for hours. In case you are wondering what Naners are those would be bananas.

We also have bedtime at our house. Every night I sing to Alex the Na Nigh song. " It's na nigh time, it's na nigh time, it's time to go na nigh. It's na nigh time, it's na nigh time, it's time to go na nigh. I'm tired, I'm sleepy, it's time to go to bed, it's na nigh time, it's na nigh time, it's time to go na nigh."

Yes I know about now you really must think I'm nuts, trust me it gets worse before it gets better.

We also have cereal time every night before bed. That song goes like this " It's cereal time, it's cereal time, it's cere cere cere cereal time."

Now if you are easily offended please do not read on. I am recording this one for my own remembrance.

Not sure where it came from or why but we have always referred in our family to nursing, breastfeeding as getting tittynooks. I know it's pretty awful but it seems pretty normal to me. Anyway as you can guess we also have tittynook time. That song goes like this " It's tittynook time, it's tittynook time, it's titty titty titty titty tittynook time" This one will probably have to go before he can sing it himself. That might not go over so well.

Well there you have it a list of the OwYoung family silly songs. Please know that these are copyrighted. I am sure you are tempted to put them on a CD to sell and make millons but I would ask that you resist the temptation.

Before I sign off for tonight I leave you with two cute pictures tonight during bath time.

Don't you love the hair?

I attempted a smile for a few minutes but I had no luck. He isn't a fan of the camera.


Mollie said...

The pictures are so darn cute! I absolutely love, love, love your songs! I sing all day to my kids, too...but they are never the same song (darn that memory of mine):o)

Janea said...

This is so cute. I sing to Kylie too but like Mollie, I don't remember them all..except the potty song. And when Alex gets potty trained, you too will have a song for that. :) So cute!

Stantons said...

Me too on the singing. I've heard your tittynook song and I much say that it is an instant classic. Since he is a boob man he will want to remember that song. HA! I always sing Somewhere Over the Rainbow to Sye and he will sometimes sing along with me, A.K.A. coo.