Sunday, December 9, 2007

Family Christmas Party

So tonight was our annual family Christmas party at my Aunt Sheila's house. Besides Alex being a bit grumpy we had a terrific time. We started the night out with four different soups my broccoli cheese, my Sister Kim's chicken noodle, Cousin Heather's veggie bean and my Aunt Sheila's chili. We also had a salad, drink and homemade cinnamon rolls. For dessert my mom made homemade brownies and fudge sauce with ice cream. Yummy!!

We sang Christmas carols, had a drawing for the grand gifts, and opened presents from my Aunt and Uncle. Then they asked us to consider donating to a few different charities which my Aunt offered to match our donations. We also played a couple holiday games and to my surprise Jas and I won one of the games. She had a list of pictures that you had to match with the carol. For example a baby in a cradle which read name? The carol would be.....

What child is this?

It was pretty difficult but Jason was good at it. Here are a few pictures from tonight. We had a wonderful time. It's always crazy but so nice to be with loved ones this time of year. I wanted a family picture but with all the confusion of course it never happened. Anyway enjoy.... p.s. We missed ya Jes!

Not such a happy baby, funny thing you can't see his cute shirt but it says: I'm on Santa's nice list. Not sure if it was appropriate for tonight.

My cousin Christian wrestling with his nephew Asher and my niece Shae. It looks like she is missing her head. =)

My mom, Aunt Sheila and crazy SINGLE cousin Spencer sneaking in for the picture.

My cousin in law Heather's sister Andrea and her Fiance Chris working together each with one hand trying to wrap a Christmas present.

My sister Kim and Brother in Law Mike competed against them. We declared it a tie and both received prizes.


Bennett Family said...

your aunt sheila's parties are the BEST! we still do our "gifts to the Savior" every year because of them! i remember the last one we went to VIVIDLY! grandma came out of the bathroom and spencer said, "grandma dropped hiroshima in the bathroom". and she did! so funny. and then there was that HUGE, SICK bra sheila gave your mom. too funny! sounds like lots of fun. tell everyone HELLO for us!