Thursday, December 13, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Alex and I plan on doing a little Christmas shopping today, after he takes a morning nap. He didn't sleep real well last night so I am thinking a bit of sleep is needed before I drag him along with me to go to the mall shopping. Are you done with your shopping yet? I have a lot done but still more to do.

Before I leave for the day I wanted to do a quick Birthday shout out to one of my very favorite people, my cousin Jesica. She is more like a little sister to me since we spent so much time as kids together. She is now a nurse living in California. It's hard not having her home especially this time of year. Fat and prego last year I went with some of the girls in my family to CA to visit her. This year I won't get to see her for her birthday or Christmas. She is spending Christmas in Costa Rica, I know poor deprived girl. Anyway... Happy Birthday Jes, I hope you have a terrific day! Love ya!

Here are a few pictures of her over the years.

One of Jes's famous self-portraits

A group picture from as few Christmas' back.

Me, my niece Areiann, sister Kim, step-niece Chelsey, cousin Jes

Just Jes and I

My Mommy and Jes