Saturday, December 8, 2007

Remember Middle School?

It's a winter wonderland outside our window this weekend. I would say we have oh 7 or so inches maybe more. We have mostly vegged at home but we did make it tonight out to have dinner at Pei Wei and to do a little Christmas shopping. The roads weren't too bad especially with Jas driving. I have PB bars in the oven (a late night snack and gift for a few neighbors) so while they are baking I decided to write about something I never want to forget, let me explain.

Remember Middle School when girls were getting their first bras and boys enjoyed tormenting us girls by snapping them? You would think those days would be long forgotten by now since sadly I am 27+ however Alex has been sweet enough to remind me. When I nurse him he loves to take a hold of the front of my bra pull back nice and slow and then SNAP let it fly into my chest. The first time or time it was cute but it got old really quick. Man it hurts like the dickens!! It still entertains his Dad however who seems to get a real giggle out of it.

So years from now I must remember that Alex was a boob man from the start and even snapped his first bra as a baby. MEN!!

Doesn't he look so innocent in this photo I snapped of him yesterday playing on his tummy?


Mollie said...

Gosh, I feel horrible for not keeping up on the blogging thing. I just got all caught up on your blog, though:) So you have yourself a boob man, or two? So funny! This story is good blackmail material...good thing you have it written down!

The Baldwin's said...

He is growing up so fast! Cute, cute, cute! And what can you expect about the boobs, just like his dad! Miss you and hope we can get together sometime soon.


Janea said...

This story made me laugh! I guess it goes to show you that boys will ALWAYS be boys..even when they are babies. So cute! P.S. I like the candy canes!

Stantons said...

Oh that is so hilarious! A Boob man! HAHAHAH! He is the cutest little thing. We need to get together again soon. I had such a blast last time.

Elicia said...

So funny Shar! Thanks for making me smile today.