Sunday, February 3, 2008

Random Thoughts

So I've been a bad blogger this week. I have had so much going on with family drama and such. Today's post is full of my random thoughts from this week. Bare with me as I bounce from topic to topic.

We recieved more snow again today, nothing new around here. This winter has been crazy with snowstorms and there are more to come next week. As much as I hate the snow well at least driving in it, I have enjoyed watching it from the window with Alex. Today when I tried to show him the snow we couldn't see because the wind has covered his window in snow, it's crazy! I watched the neighbor children playing in the snow and building snowmen and for a split second I wished that Alex was old enough to take outside to play and then I snapped back to reality when I remembered I hate being cold.

Speaking of the cold good news, our heater is fixed. After running all over SLC valley for parts Jason was able to get our heater working Friday afternoon. I am so glad I have a handy husband, it saved us a couple hundred dollors.

I have had a week now to reflect on the passing of a sweet gentle man Gordon B. Hinckley the prophet of my church. He passed away last Sunday January 27th around 7 pm at his SLC apartment surrounded by family. He was an amazing example to live up to. I recall hearing him speak in person as a teenager and looked forward to hearing him again each general conference. Although I have been sad at the loss of such a wonderful man I couldn't help but be happy for him. He lost his sweet spouse of 67 years in 2004 and I was overcome with joy at the thought of the two of them meeting in heaven. What a marvoulous day it must of been!! He surely will be missed. They broadcasted his funeral on Saturday so I recorded it on my DVR to watch. It was a very nice memorial. The LDS church will annouce the next prophet tomorrow. Most likely it will be Thomas S. Monson whom I also adore.

Here are links to two videos about Hinckley worth watching.

Tribute to my Prophet
More wonderful thoughts about President Hinckley

He was often seen using his cane to wave to people. Over 10,000 people lined the street to the cemetry waving canes and white hankys.

Here he is in the days of 47 parade with his sweetheart Marjorie

We recieved great news today, our friends Heidi and Howie had their first baby yesterday. Archer arrived a healthy 9 lb 1 oz, we couldn't be more thrilled. He was born into a great family. We can't wait to meet him and introduce him to Alex. Now the question is who's next to be parents amoung Jason's HS friends?

Speaking of kids Alex is right on the verge of crawling. He was actually rocking back and forth a bit tonight oh his knees. He was a little stinker today pulling off his bib every other bite. It was so frustrating. He has gained weight in the past month and was teething again earlier this week. Poor kido, poor parent with no sleep. =)

Well I told you this would be a very random post. Hope you had a great weekend, good night!


Bennett Family said...

enjoyed your thoughts!!! glad your heater is fixed.

have a great day!