Tuesday, January 8, 2008

What goes in must come out

Alex has been eating more solid foods lately. His favorites include peas, green beans, bananas, pears,vanilla pudding, sweet potatoes, cereals etc. He also loves when we share a bowl of instant mashed potatoes with all the good stuff like butter, cheese, salt and pepper. I have also learned that he loves vanilla ice cream, he must be my kid after all. He isn't a fan of peaches ( too tart) or mixed veggies. He actually gagged when I feed them to him today.

We have learned that with more solids comes more poop. Oh ya we have gone from one poopy diaper maybe two a day to four or five. Friday we actually threw out his outfit on his 5th poopy when we decided it wasn't worth salvaging. Today it was four poops now add the fact that he doesn't like to be on his back and you have one disaster. I am honestly pooped out!!!

Overall he is usually a pretty clean kid but after cereal time tonight we knew he would need a bath. Here are a couple of pictures and a video of cereal time tonight.

" I'm gonna get ya!!"

A face only a mother could love

Raspberry time ( our table needed a good scrubbing after this feeding)

Check out this video, be sure to watch Alex's left eyebrow after I say" it's like a sprinkler". Jas and I had to watch it three or four times we were laughing so hard. Hopefully you can see it with the screen so small.


Mollie said...

Oh my gosh! How fun...him eating, not the pooping part! The picture with his little smile and his tongue hanging out is priceless!

I so hope you don't hate me after today. Check out my blog for the pictures I promised. Let's get another playdate planned and pray that another disaster doesn't happen! When are you free?

Anna-Marie Still said...

That is way too funny! I love seeing him in action!

I will call you from the "road" today - I'll only in in SLC for a short time today, but I'll be there for an hour on Suday night. Is that long enough?

Chat soon! Love ya!

Bennett Family said...

i LOVE vanilla pudding too! good taste little buddy...what i DON'T love so much is raspberry food splatters. bless their little hearts. so precious.