Thursday, January 10, 2008

2008 Resolutions

So every January I look at my life and think what do I want to change? What do I want to do now that I have not been faithful at doing. In the past it's usually been to lose weight, surprise surprise and exercise daily. Although I would love to do both of those I have decided not to make them my main focus this year. They are on the stove but on the back burner. Instead of the usual resolutions I have set some goals to get myself back. I want to take time for me and not loose myself because I'm a Mom now. Here are my resolutions/goals for 2008 in no particular order.

-Read to Alex daily, for now this may be a small book but in time I hope to spend 30 minutes to an hour reading to him. I have always loved books and hope to develop that same love in him.

-Read two books a month if not more. I love to read and besides magazines, mainly parenting magazines recently I never read. I received the Christmas Jars for Christmas from my friend Mollie and it got me in a book reading frenzy. I have picked up small easy to read books around my house that I love in order to finish them without taking too much time out of my life. After Alex goes to bed I run me a bath and slide into the warm water with a good book. It's a small way to relax and make some me time.

-Stay updated on my blog. It is a great way to stay in touch, show off my cutie pie and document his life. It's my journal with pictures.

-Have a date night in or out once a week with Jason. Just spend more quality time together. Last week at the Bed and Breakfast was very nice. Although we can't do that every week we can still do things to keep our marriage happy. * Jas, you need to help me on this one*

-Take at least two baths a week again this is to keep my reading going and my me time in check. My showers are usual quick often while Alex is napping, screaming on the floor or after Jason gets home. It's not often that they are relaxing so bath time is a must.

-Stamp once a week at least, I need to get back in the habit of taking time to stamp. I love it but it's hard when you have a little one. I need to get going on my classes which will help get me stamping.

-Mail Random cards out to friends/family once a month. This is a way to put my cards to use. I love to randomly send a pick me up, thank you or thinking of you card. It makes me happy!

-Last but not least is to work on my self esteem, try not to be so hard on myself. Have you watched the new show on lifetime called how to look good naked? If not I would highly recommend it. Strange show, wonderful concept. It has really changed my opinion of myself.

Hopefully by taking time to be a better me I will be a better wife and mother. Off to spend time with my honey. Here is a cute picture of bug from today, man I love this kiddo!


Janea said...

Such a great post. It gave me some great ideas. Thanks for sharing.

ben bennett said...

want my address? ;)
i LOVE getting cards in the mail.
love ya.