Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Shae!

I know another birthday, my life is crazy! Because I have a full weekend ahead ( details later) I thought it would be best to wish my little redhead a early Happy Birthday!

T0morrow my youngest niece Shae turns 8. It seems like just yesterday that she was born. With each of my sister's births we have waited for what has seemed like hours, days for them to come. With Shae my sister called reporting she was headed to the hospital and to meet her there, we planned to watch the birth. Taking our sweet time my mother, cousin Jes and I headed up to Ogden in a snowstorm. We arrived too late. Shae couldn't wait any longer and had arrived just minutes after my sisters made it to the hospital. No one but Daddy was able to witness the birth.

She was an adorable baby with a head full of red hair. She has four siblings, none of them inherited the red hair. They choose to name her Shae after my brother Shane minus the 'n'. The name really fits her.

I met Jason when Shae was just two months old so watching her grow up is like watching our relationship grow. She has been such a joy in our lives. She has had Jason wrapped around her little finger since the beginning. Now she is growing up and loves acting like a big sister to Alex, she can't get enough of him.

Being LDS turning 8 is a very special age. It means that she will be baptized a member of the church and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. She is very excited! Tomorrow will be a special day. Here are a few pictures of Shae over the years.

Happy Birthday Shae! We love you!

Gotta love the cheesy grin!

This is one of my favorite pictures of her, dirty face and all.

I love this picture too although my hair is crazy , the picture is blurry and Shae and I are being silly. It shows just how much joy she brings to my life.

Where did my little red head, blue eyed toddler go?

Here she is posing for the camera. She loves playing dress up. We might have a future model on our hands.

I know I have posted this one before but I love it. Alex with his gut ( the little one he has) and Shae hanging out. She is always excited to be able to spend time with her buddy!


Bennett Family said...

HAPPY BDAY SHAE! you are a beautiful girl.

Mollie said...

Shae is so cute! Good luck with your talk at her baptism:o)