Monday, January 14, 2008

Alex's little milestones

My baby is growing up way too fast. Although part of me is excited a huge part of me is trying to hold onto every bit of baby still left in him. No, he isn't crawling yet and if I have my way he won't be for awhile. With as busy as he is I am concerned what I will have on my hands once he can be mobile.
His little milestones amaze me! He is eating us out of house and home. I got in the cupboard the other day to get some lunch when I realized everything I had on hand was for him. He is still nursing multiple times a day and eating 2-3 containers of stage 2 baby food, a heaping bowl of cereal before bed as well as lots of Gerber puffs. You would think with all of his eating he would be a big boy but he is still little, just under 16 lbs when we weighed him last week.

We also moved his highchair upstairs. He was getting too big for his bumbo and reaching for everything in sight which was driving me nuts. I guess it was time for a change. It made me cry seeing him sit up like a big boy in his high chair and feed himself his puffs. He can be entertained for hours with those things. Just in he past week he has really learned to pick them up and put them in his mouth.

Reaching for another puff, he loves them!

I loved this face.

He is finally sleeping through the night on a more constant basis. I have hesitated to post this for fear in may be jinxed. He is either up once a night or sleeps all night. Both are fabulous! Life is much easier with him napping better ( always in his crib) and sleeping well at night.

Alex has been sitting on his own for a while but usually falls over within minutes if he has no support, not this week. I can finally sat him on the floor to play without him tumbling over.

Here are a few pictures from him sitting by himself today. Any idea what he was up too while I took these pictures? Yup pooping, two dirty diapers in two hours, just my luck!

It probably isn't very nice that this makes me crack up huh?

He learned to click his tongue yesterday too, I love it!!

He is reaching milestones daily. Is there a way to keep him little forever?


Emily said...

Hey Shari it's Emily (from SU!). You're little boy is to stinkin' cute. I found your blog from Mollies and have been checking it out lately, just thought I would drop you a line this time. Hope life is treating you good.

Bennett Family said...

he is so darling, and i HATE to tell you this, but the older they get the FASTER it goes! so fun, yet SO sad!

Stantons said...

Oh, he is too cute! I can't beleive how fast he is growing up. I swear you just had him. Miss you girl!