Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy 21st Birthday Jill-Bill!

Today my oldest niece Jillian turns 21. Happy Birthday Jill-Bill!

I remember how excited I was to be an aunt especially when I was allowed to change her diapers. I was only 7 years old and to be an aunt was the coolest thing ever. We are pretty tight because she is actually closer in age to me then any of my siblings are.

She brought joy to my family during a very dark time. She arrived two years to the day we lost my brother Shane. She came into the world to bring smiles back to my family. She was the only grandchild my father had the privilege of knowing here on earth. He adored her and even made her a bottle once so she would cuddle with grandpa. My sister wasn't very happy since she was trying to ween her from them. She was Grandpa's little angel!

Times have changed, she is growing up and plans to be married in two short months. Okay cheesy rhythm I didn't intend. She now adores Alex and has drove down here multiple times because she misses her baby. =)

Happy Birthday Jillian, we love you!

Jillian, her fiance Clay and Alex posing like a little family.

Jillian and Alex napping together, they did this often so I could have some free time.

Just posing for the camera, isn't she pretty!

Looking gorgeous sorry guys she is taken!

A old picture of Areiann, Jill and I before they grew up. =(


Jill-Bill said...

Thank you Sharie, that was very sweet.. Ya I cried, but whats new ha haa! You have been My best friend since the day I was born. Your always there for me, and have always listened when I needed an ear. Thank you for everything you have done, and continue to do for me! And thanks for Alex.. I love him!
Love Jillian

Bennett Family said...

she looks so OLD! and beautiful!
happy b-day jillian! you probably don't even remember me...but all well!