Tuesday, January 15, 2008

8 months today

Alex turned 8 months old today. Before I know it he will be a year old. Time really does fly with kids. I thought I would share a few pictures from tonight. He looks like an angel in them but don't let him fool you, he was a little pill today. I was more than delighted when Jason walked through the door tonight. If you are reading my blog, leave me a comment. I would love to know you stopped by.

After bathtime tonight, at least I got his diaper on before he decided to roll over.

We take pictures/video with Ryker the bear every month to show how much Alex has grown. Here he is checking out Ryker's shoe.

I guess they looked good enough to nibble on.

Just hanging out with Ryker

Hugs before bedtime


Bennett Family said...

i cannnot BEGIN to tell you how DARLING that baby is! i just want to hug him and nibble on those cheeks....he is DARLING!!!!!!