Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm so done!!

Please grant me patience!! It's been one very rough week. If you have talked to me at all this week you have probably heard me say " I'm so done!". I have uttered this phrase far too many times this week to Jason. Alex has really tested my patience. Luckily I have an amazing very patient husband otherwise Alex would be shipped to his grandma's house by now. I think what is bugging me the most is the fact that I don't know what is wrong. It may be teething, separation anxiety or perhaps a growth spurt. Who knows!! He hasn't napped well, slept well at night and has been very grumpy. Last night we left him in his crib for an hour to cry himself to sleep. It was very hard but we did it. I am hoping tonight things look up. I could sure use a full night of sleep. It seems like he can't get enough to eat no matter what we give him. We have upped his food for tonight in hopes he will sleep like a baby.

Am I the only one out there with a naughty but dang cute kid?

This is how I found him after attempting a nap for an hour yesterday. Mind you he was originally swaddled, socks on, blanket cuddled and binky in his mouth on the opposite side of the crib from where I found him oh and tear free. Of course I had to snap a picture before I gave up and got him out of his crib without a nap.
"I'm so done!!"


Emily said...

oh the joys of being a mom. I've said that phrase sooo many times. Some days you really wish you could be done. While Boston is a pretty good baby I can't same the same about Londynn. She was NOT a napper. I can't remember a time that she took a nap in her crib until she was about 6 months old. She would only take naps in my arms and they were only 20 min. I guess you take what you can get right. Don't give up on the nap thing, keep trying.

Bennett Family said...

been there, still doing that! i think your problem is that he IS sleeping like a baby! :)
good luck tonight!

Stephanie said...

Oh, do I know how you feel. My baby is one month older than yours. Hopefully you live closer to your mom than I do to mine!! I'm still planning on a 'vacation' to Gtu!!
Steph (janea's friend)