Monday, January 7, 2008

Fun Filled Weekend!!

We headed up to Brigham City Saturday morning after a good dose of snow fell Friday night. The roads were slick and slushy. We were hit with slush twice, luckily Jason was driving because it scared me shit less!! * is there such a thing?* We arrived exactly at 10 am as the opening song was being played for Shae's baptism. I gave a talk on the gift of the Holy Ghost. It wasn't my best talk seeing that I haven't done any public speaking recently but overall it went smooth. I had numerous people stop me to tell me that they enjoyed my talk. I even had many people in the audience crying. It sure made me miss public speaking. After the baptism we had lunch, opened birthday presents and had cake. Shae wore her new white dress, she looked like an angel. Her baptism turned out really well.

Here is a picture of Shae in her new dance costume she got from Grandma for her birthday!

Check out this move, she had to have me snap a picture of this one....

Oh and this one.. We could have been there for hours. She was loving ever minute of it.

We then headed to my sisters where Jason and I played games with my sister and brother-in-law. My favorite is ticket to ride, anyone out there played this one, it's fun! About 4:30 Jason and went to dinner alone at Maddox. It was overpriced and not great but it was nice to have a hot meal together, alone!!
After dinner we went back to my sisters so I could feed Alex then it was off to the bed and breakfast for the night * remember our Christmas gift*. We had a wonderful time! It is a small place with only four rooms and we were the only ones booked so we got the key from the owner and were alone for the night, the whole place to ourselves. We stayed in the whispering pines suite. The place has only been only a few months so everything was very clean. I loved all the extra touches they included. Sadly the pictures/video on their site don't do them justice. If you need a night away I would highly recommend it. The owner is very nice to work with and spoiled us. I know we will go back for sure.

Here is a picture of the bed, it was huge!!

Here is the tub, the stone work around it was so pretty!

Here is Jas and I being silly modeling our robes for a self-portrait. I know I look horrible, oh well!!

Here is one side of the basement with our TV, check out the DVD they had playing when we arrived, it was awesome.

Here is the other side of the basement which we sat and had breakfast at.
There are more pictures on their website if you are interested in seeing the place. You would think being away from Alex ( my first night away from him) I would enjoy talking about anything but him but that was not the case. Most of the night we talked about Alex, how lucky we are to have him in our lives, wondered how he was doing but was too scared to call to find out. My sister threatened me about checking in all night. It's crazy how much one little guy can change your life! Overall he was very good for my sister's family. He was up ever couple of hours but I decided it was good birth control for my teenage nieces. =)

Sunday we woke up to more snow. It was the biggest snowstorm Brigham City has seen in two years. We decided not to rush home but instead went back to my sisters house and made potstickers and ham fried rice for my family. After lunch we hung out and played another game of ticket to ride before heading home.

Here is Alex and Daddy hanging out. I told Jas he looked mad in his picture. I took a few more but then he was just being a dork and Alex wouldn't look at me so I leave you with the best shot.


Bennett Family said...

that place looks AMAZING! wow.

i know what you mean about missing the kids...i have that issue EVERY time we leave myself! they definitely become your life.

i gave the talk on the Holy Ghost at my niece's baptism several years ago too! what a cool experience!

Stephanie said...

Hello. This is Janae's friend Stephanie. I just read your comment about GtU. I made you cookies. I loved them! How fun. And this place you went to looks amazing! Anyway, I'll have to come up and go to a show with you and Janae!