Thursday, January 6, 2011

A typical day

Being a Mom of two is crazy some days. Currently I sit here blogging, it's nap time and Lily is whining in her crib and Alex is crying from his bed because he is overly tired. I just want 30 minutes of peace and quiet, is that too much to ask?
As difficult as it is some days I feel so blessed to have such sweet adorable kids. Here is a few fun pictures from the last couple of days. I can't believe how fast my kiddos are growing up.

Bath time in the big tub is a favorite of Alex's. He looks so huge compared to most of the bath pictures I have.

I've learned that Lily and the flash don't do so well together. At first I assumed it hurt her eyes since her eyes are shut for most of her pictures. After tricking her today though I realized once she hears the sound of the camera she just closes her eyes. This one was a mid close, I caught her and she wasn't happy.

Alex loves being a big brother to his baby sister. Usually you can find him in Lily's crib in the morning singing to her. "Take a picture Mom"

Yup another shot with Lily's eyes closed.