Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve Eve

It's a New Year... time to make some resolutions. If you haven't guessed yet one of my intentions for the New Year is to be better at keeping a journal or shall I say keeping my blog updated. I will keep it simple trying to take more pictures daily and updating my blog with at least one picture. So let's start with a few cute pictures I took on Christmas Eve Eve... yes I meant to say the double Eve. We decided this year to do Santa and family gifts with my in-laws on Christmas Eve since we wouldn't be home on Christmas day. With this change I decided I would let my kids open their typical Christmas Eve gifts a day early.

Alex with his new favorite book, A mouse about the house. Luckily it's the only mouse at your house, that I know of. =)

So funny thing about our stockings. I bought Lily's because it was a snowman and I had to have them all match. I guess I forget what my stockings were
since last year.

Our tree and flood of gifts

Love the tilt of the head, model in the making perhaps.

I have many pictures like this one with her eyes closed.
Lily and the flash don't mix
I guess. I had to include it though because I love her lashes and sweet little lips.

My pretty Lily in her super cute, soft jammies, love this girl.

My adorable kids, Alex insisted on standing up. Notice his jammies, he is all about Thomas these days.

What a lucky Mom I am!