Monday, January 24, 2011

Silly Kids

My kids sure keep me on my toes. This past week we have dealt with a few meltdowns, Lily crawling, a bit of weaning not by my choice and one imaginative child.
Lily will be 9 months this week and I'm not doing too well with it. She is becoming such a big girl. She has learned how to crawl (pictures to come) and is making her way to things quickly. Looks like gates and locks are in my near future =( She is very interested in REAL food and is starting to wean herself. I nursed Alex until he was nine months so it was a bit expected. I guess I am not ready because although Lily is almost nine months she is still 13 lbs and my baby.

I wanted to get a cute picture of Lily holding her own Ba Ba. Alex of course wanted to be in on the picture.

Here is a picture of Alex from last week. He had a pin dot owie on his leg and I mean a small tiny pin dot. He said he couldn't walk and went to get a cane (golf club) and a seat (his bucket) so he could be like the grandpa on TV (UP). He insisted I get a picture of him. Pardon the hair he had just got up. Later on I was telling Jason about how he couldn't walk and he said " Mom, I was only kidding." What a funny boy!