Friday, January 14, 2011

Our Busy Week

Busy week... what a busy, busy week it has been. Cleaning, craft day, nail appointment, babysitting, a funeral etc. I had great intentions to blog but it just didn't happen.

On Wednesday I attended my Great Uncle Leslie's funeral. Les was my Grandma Glenn's brother. She had 12 siblings but Uncle Les was my favorite. We would go to family reunions each year and I always looked forward to seeing him. He was a goofy guy who loved children and was sure to always make you smile. I remember as a child sitting on his lap during our family auction. He would raise my hand to bid on items. I would panic letting him know that I didn't have money to spend. He would tell me not to raise my hand then and again would raise my hand for me to bid on a item. I'd win some fun toy and of course he would buy it for me. He was a great man. My Great Aunt Zina passed away last Thursday and then Les, the last of the siblings passed away on Saturday. I can't begin to imagine the family reunion that is taking place in heaven. It must be spectacular! My Mom, Lily and I headed down to Orem to pay our respects to Les and his family. His Granddaughter Angie is one of my good friends.

So a side story after meeting Jason I returned to Draper and attended SLCC. My first class on my first day of school I sat next to this girl. We continued to sit next to each other and became friends. We exchanged phone numbers in case one of us missed class. One day she called me and after a lengthy conversation about life, school and our boyfriends we hung up and both chatted with our Moms. She mentioned me to her Mom who said that is my cousin's daughter I am sure. Call her and ask what her Mom's name is. When she called I was busy helping my Mom unload groceries and missed her call. My Mom checked the caller id and wondered why her cousin had called. For some reason I also checked the called id and informed her that it was my classmate not her cousin that had called. We argued about it for a few minutes until Angie called again. Sure enough we put two and two together realizing we were related. Her immediate family didn't attend the reunions so I had never met her. We have remained in contact over the years running into each other in the strangest of places. Once was at Thanksgiving Point when both of us were getting our bridals done. Our weddings were a few months apart and we both had changed our location and dates for bridals several times. We just happened to both end up at TP on the same day and the same time. We took several photos of the two of us in our dresses. It was so fun!

Anywho... back the funeral. It was a nice service and it was good to see Angie along with many of our other family members. My Aunt Sheila and Uncle Mike came and captured a cute picture of Lily who by the way was an angel the whole day. My Mom and Uncle Mike enjoyed loving on her.

A quick picture for Aunt Sheila
Today I watched my neighbors kids for her for a few hours. Alex always enjoys having his friends over to play. Here is a cute picture I got of the three of them while they watch Thomas the train. They are such sweet kids. I feel so blessed to leave in a neighborhood surrounded by great kids for Alex to be friends with.

Cheston ( my baby doll from when I was little) Kylie, Alex and Brooklyn

Looking forward to a long weekend with the family. See ya next week!