Friday, January 7, 2011

The beautiful mermaid

We have a mermaid that visits our house. She arrives in the middle of the night when Lily gets fussy in her crib.

A close up of her beautiful tail, leg, fin... what would it be called?

Oh wait it's just our pretty little Lily. She is tiny but long so three month jammies are two short and six month jammies are too big. It's frustrating when I have to undo her jammies in the middle of the night to fix her legs. Silly girl!

Got Lily dolled up to go to lunch with a friend. Gotta love my OG!! Loving her new barrette her Grandma and Auntie bought her. Attempted to get a picture of her with her eyes opened.

and tried again.......

Third times a charm. Ahhh tricked ya pretty girl.