Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Baby Showers

I feel so lucky to be surrounded by amazing women as friends. Jason gives me grief all the time about how many people I know and how many friends I have. He once told me if he was on Facebook he wouldn't have more than a few friends because he doesn't know anyone. Whatever!! I am definitely a people person and cherish true friends. Luckily I have had many in my life and only a few that have done me wrong.
With the upcoming arrival of our daughter I had a couple friends ask to throw me a baby shower. I ended up having two. One was for former Stampin' UP! co-workers and some random friends and the other was for neighbors. Both were great and I was spoiled rotten. Here are a few pictures from each event. Thank you first off to Jenn, Beth and Nat for throwing my work shower and to Em and the neighbors who helped her throw my neighbor shower. I love you girls to pieces and appreciate so much all the hard work you put into the parties for me and my baby girl. Enjoy the pics!

Cute as a Button was the theme of my neighborhood shower that Emily threw me. Love the little details she put into it.

The mini delish cupcakes she made and decorated for the shower.
a close up of the buttons

The cute paper banner she made to decorate with
The food, thanks to my neighbors help the spread not only looked tasty but was super yummy as well.
a close up of the banners, don't you love them?
I recieved a ton of cute stuff from my neighborhood. This however was my favorite gift, so creative. Renee ( the 2nd from the right) and Brooke who wasn't able to attend that day put together a bunch of outfits, onesies and socks and strung them on this clothesline. I then took it out of the bag and passed it around to the group for everyone to see. I will be stealing this idea for sure.

A close up of the paper laterns she made that hung in the entry way. So girlish!
Here are the pictures from my first shower hosted by my friends/former co-workers

About 36 wks prego here
My loot, I got so many cute things
a close up of some of my adorable stuff

More cute clothes

And more.. look at that adorable dress in front made by my friend Libby and the cute dress to the left with the booties made by my friend Sami. Aren't they so cute? I have such talented friends!

The food, oh so delicious!
Laura (my BF since we were two) and me. Of course she looks cute and here I am going for more food lol. I was so happy that Laura made the trek down from Logan for me. It meant the world to me.

Laura's cute little Parker checking out the balloons while I chat with Sami. Check out that belly, WOW!

Libby, me, Beth, and Jenn we didn't get the camera out until everyone was gone.
A close up

My BF Laura and our little familes, so crazy and fun. Alex looks drunk for some reason and of course Parker isn't looking at the camera, KIDS!


The Cox Family said...

Seeing all that cute girl stuff makes me wish I had tons of girls instead of tons of boys. Not really. But you know what I mean. Girls are so different and fun... as you are soon to see. So excited for you!