Monday, September 29, 2008


It's Monday morning and I have a to do list a mile long of stuff that needs to be done at home. I am grateful though that I can enjoy the crisp morning breeze in my PJs knowing I will be home all day with my boy. Life is good!!

I had a awesome weekend well besides my toe issue! I was able to go shopping at Oh Sweet Sadie with friends ( two different days) and bought myself a fun ribbon dispenser. I had Indian food with Jason, did errands and ended the weekend with a trip to the mountains.

Thank you to Laura for a little inspiration our family headed up to Little Cottonwood Canyon yesterday afternoon to enjoy the fall colors. We packed up our new car.. have I mentioned I am LOVING IT... anyway we packed the car with our little portable grill and goodies for dinner. We had salad, drinks, chips, hot dogs, cookies and of course smores. It was a perfect day to enjoy the mountains together. Alex although a little grumpy had a good time getting dirty. I think we will go again before it's too late. Anyone up for coming along?

This was Alex about 5 minutes after we arrived to the campground. He was running full speed and biffed it. He even got dirt in his ear.
How cute this this picture?
What a strange look on my face and a mouthful of cookies for Alex.
I love my buddy!
Going for a walk with Daddy, I love this picture!
Daddy found a stick for Alex, he was thrilled.
He thought he was so big with his stick.

A closeup through the branches of a tree

Jason's attempt at a smile or so he told me.

Alex sat in his stroller while we ate dinner. He kept pulling this face when he would hear a car go by. He was cracking us up.

ahhh smores.. I love them! Sadly I was making my 2nd
smore when our propane tank died.

P.S. Thanks for everyone's concerns about my toe. It is doing much better. The coloring has changed and the swelling has gone down. It's still sore though. It looks more like a nasty birth mark now, I spared you a new photo. =)

Friday, September 26, 2008


Oh it's Friday and what a Friday it has been. Let's start with the positive.. I won something. Mind you I never win anything but thanks to Mollie =) who made me sign up for a drawing I won. We met and went to Oh Sweet Sadie today ( so stinkin' cute, I am going again tomorrow). Check out the website if you are like me and have never heard of it. Anyway... I won some fun Sweet Candy, which was a necklace and some hair things. Of course I was complaining I didn't win the chair for Alex... what a sore winner. I'm over it so that was the good part of my day. The show was fun, Alex was good and lunch was great. I had fun hanging with Mollie as usual even if I had to witness a Hunter meltdown at lunch ;)

Now for the bad part.... Check out my toe. Stairs + clumsy me = a broken toe or so it seems. I think I'll be taking it easy for the next few days. It hurts like the dickens.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Poopy Day!

One poopy day!! Let's first start by saying this posting is dedicated to my dear friend Cami. Before I begin my day let me take you back a few years. I was over at Cami's house chatting with her in the hallway while her children took a bath. For some reason I felt compiled to ask if her kids had ever pooped in the tub. Oh no she told me not my kids. Well it wasn't 2 minutes later her daughter started freaking out. We went in to the bathroom and sure enough there was poop in the tub. I laughed until I cried!! Fast forward to last night... yup you know what is coming.

I spent yesterday cleaning all day in my workout clothes. It was late afternoon and I thought I better get Alex and I bathed before Daddy came home. I put Alex in front of the shower to strip him down and found a dirty diaper.. lovely right. Then we showered and I got out to get dressed. Alex was busy playing so I took advantage of it. Then I hear a grunt ( I hoped I was dreaming but unfortunately I wasn't) I turn around to find Alex spread full eagle looking down at a pile of turds and pee. YUCK!!! Let's just say it wasn't as funny when it's your own kid and your shower to clean up. I can bet Cami got the last laugh on this one.

Sorry no pictures.. I thought I would spare you. See baby shower post below

Jillian's Baby Shower

Saturday my Mother and I threw a baby shower for my oldest niece Jillian who is expecting a little girl next month. I knew we were in trouble when I wasn't able to turn on the main road in front of my Mom's house. They had it closed for repaving. I spent the rest of the shower taking phone calls explaining how to get to my Mom's the back way.. how fun. Also can I say I hate people who do not RSVP aggg anyway... it all turned out well with plenty of food and lots of fun gifts. After the shower Alex and I went shopping at Ti Pan Trading with my Sister and Mom. Then we hit Chick-fil-a for dinner. It was nice spending some time with my family. I can't wait for next month so I can hold this new precious baby. After the shower was over I decided I better take a few pictures. It was just too crazy busy to take some pictures during it. Oh well!

The new Mommy to be Jillian, I wish I looked that good.

Areiann sleeping as usual.. I joked with her that every picture

I have of her is of her sleeping.

Alex discovers the Candy Corn and Marbles

I love the look on his face here, ignore my sister looking like a goofball.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

New Car

It's official my beloved Subie is leaving us tomorrow to make room for our newest addition. Meet Miss Pilot.. a 2005 Honda Pilot EX-L we bought tonight. It's a pretty gray exterior with gray leather, heated seats, a third row making room for seven people, CD player and a sunroof. It's been a few months in the making so it's nice to finally say we are done car shopping and will be driving our new car by the weekend. I will forever remember the good times I've had with you Subie but it's time we went our seperate ways.

Be sure to check out the post below to see Alex walking.. FINALLY!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

16 months old... where has time gone?

Alex turned 16 months old on the 15th. I still can't believe how fast time has gone by. Although being a Mom is allot of work I wouldn't trade it for anything. He is such a joy in my life! He is finally walking more regularly so we were able to record him walking. The other video is of his new game with daddy... backwards walking while giggling. Please forgive the house, as you can tell Alex's toys have invaded my front room.

Pictures taken the morning of his 16 month b-day.

Our neighbors across the street have been working on their yard. Alex has been entertained watching all the men out the window driving the different machines. He waves and talks to them, it's too cute.

He loves watching signing times and eebee baby.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Cookie Cutters

Last night we took Alex to Cookie Cutters for the first time to get his hair cut. It's been awhile since my sister has cut it and with me not seeing her for a few more weeks I knew we had to give in and take him to get it cut. Of course the lady wanted to know if this was his first haircut, I replied no his 8th. She had his sideburns gone before Jas and I noticed... ahh how sad. I guess they will grow back. I thought for sure he would cry when she got out the buzzers but he didn't. He loved sitting in the little car watching Baby Einsteins and received a balloon and sucker when we were all finished.

Stampin' UP! classes

As I have said before in my last few posts, I have been busy the last few weeks doing Stampin' UP! classes. I thought I would share a few pictures from some of them. Thanks to Elicia and Natalie for the pics, I never take any at classes.

From my recipe box class, this is Elicia's sample. Each girl was able to choose her choice of paper from the Summer Picnic pack. It was fun to see all the variations. Such a fun class although I have decided I am not a huge Modge Podge fan.

These pictures are from my Calendar Class I had last week. The pages were all very simple but turned out really cute. I even have pictures on mine ready to go... now that's a first.

Melissa being a perfectionist.. gotta love it!

Jen and I being a tad bit goofy.

I think she was scared I was really going to go in for a kiss.

Sassy Sisters Natalie and Melissa showing off some of their completed pages.

I am now prepping for my Christmas Crank Stamp a Stack class and my Tart and Tangy class. I'm on a roll for a change. Anyone up for stamping?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Nutella Baby

What do you get when you mixed a teether bisquit, nutella, and the cutest baby ever...

one messy but adorable Alex

Monday, September 8, 2008

I love my hubby!

I found this on a friend's blog.. it's totally us. Thanks for being my best friend Jason, I love you!

This one's for you babe

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

15 months on the 15th

Ya ya I know I have slacked again but I have good reason. Between all of our summer end activities I have been prepping for a couple of my Stampin' UP! classes. Although I love being a demonstrator it's allot of work. Well a few things have changed in our house lately...

First off you may have heard about the fire just behind us on the mountain. Although we were far enough away to be safe it was a bit terrifying seeing this out your back window when you are stranded at home with a baby. Here are a few pictures I pulled from the KSL. com website. Hopefully this is something I will never see again.

The building on the right is the beginning of our townhouses.

Near the new LDS temple

From the valley

A night shot

Alex turned 15 months old on the 15th of August. He now has 7 teeth ( two that have came in the last week or so causing Alex to be a very grumpy baby). We have moved him into a big boy car seat as of the first of the month. He loves it!! He is able to look around and wave to the cars.

Alex loves to wave at just about anything these days that is unless you want him to. A few weeks ago our Moms group went to the farm at Thanksgiving Point. Alex has never been huge into animals ( he must take after his mom) however on that day he loved them. He was talking 90 miles an hour at the animals and waving to them. The only one he didn't love was the donkey. Our group went over to feed the baby calf who was next to this mean donkey with a sign in it's pen that read watch out I bite... EEK! The donkey went crazy when he realized we weren't about to feed him. Alex got scared and cried like crazy, poor kid. Hopefully he won't be terrified of donkeys like his mom is of dogs. I had a few pictures of Alex on the on the pony ride but cringed at the sight of me so they aren't included, sorry!!

Alex sitting at a little table they had at TP. He was pointing at the ponies

Not sure what he was looking at but I loved this picture

Waving at the animals

Besides eating Mom's piggies and searching for my belly button he has now discovered how to blow raspberries on my arms and legs. Every time I turn around he is doing something to make me laugh. The other day I turned around to find him backwards in his swing set. He had climbed up by himself and was rocking the whole swing. One of his new things he loves is having tastes especially if we allow him to bite off a piece of our food like a sandwich. He is talking alot, his new word is Sharie. I love to hear him call my name from his crib after nap time. It's so stinkin' cute!! I would love to post that he is walking but it's still pretty iffy. He knows how to but is lazy. He likes to push off things, jump up and down and then walk. Today he walked from my chair to the fireplace but stopped of course when he realized I was watching him. He knows that he can get around much faster if he crawls. He does walk really well though if you let him hold your finger or push something. He is growing up so fast!

We went to his 15 month appt recently ( okay it's been awhile but we can pretend right?) and received two shots. He did pretty well but is getting smart and realizes what is going on even before it happens. The Dr said he is little but is developing on track. Thanks to all the butter, ice cream, 1/2 & 1/2, etc. he has pushed his way to just above the 5% for his weight at a whopping 21 lbs. He is 2' 7" which is in the 50% and his head circumference is 18.5" ( I don't recall where that puts him). His Dr was only concerned about one that and that was how he rolls on his left ankle when walking. She suggested to try and keep him in shoes as much as possible to give him support. The odds are he will grow out of it but it may be the reason why is taking his time to really start walking on his own.

Daddy and Alex

Alex loves kisses from his Dad

While waiting for the Dr Alex helped himself to the books, he loves books!!

Alex's 15 month pictures in his new car jammies from his cousins. They are for 24 months but seem to run a little small so we tried them on now.

Thanks to everyone who answered my memory post. It was a ton of fun to read through them and remember the good old days. If you haven't left me a memory feel free to go add one, I would love to hear what you remember about the past with me. Have a good week!