Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Here!

What are you doing this weekend? I plan to meet up with my family for a girls days out of lunch and shopping. We will first stop in at Oh Sweet Sadie.. not sure what that is? Check out the link to see their website. I have to say I am hooked!! They have such cute things and I have even won a few prizes from their drawings.. talk about sweet! After shopping at Oh Sweet Sadie we will make our way over to the Festival of Trees. For me this is one of the highlights of the Christmas season. I have had the opportunity to participate as a tree decorator twice and many years as a spectator. I look forward to it every year. If you don't have plans this weekend I would highly recommend going to both of these SWEET events.

Speaking of Christmas... its officially on it's way. Yesterday morning it was snowing, too warm to stick to the ground but snowing enough to enjoy it from the warmth of my kitchen while listening to Christmas music, putting dinner in the crock pot and frosting sugar cookies. My favorite time of the year is finally here.
I decided to put on the Grinch while working on Christmas projects. Alex sat down and didn't move for a good half of the movie. I guess he loves Christmas as much as I do. Now I just need to convince him that THE CHRISTMAS STORY is the best Christmas movie ever.. I guess that can wait awhile.
This year I decided instead of getting out my breakable ornaments and decorations that I would only put a few things and make my decorations for the tree. I dried fruit, made applesauce cinnamon ornaments and added ribbon and a few new find from the store. It was quite the project but I am very satisfied with the simple end results. Here are a few pictures of our tree and some of my other favorite Christmas things around our house.
My tree!
My precious moments dolls under the tree, Alex likes to play with them much to his Dad's dismay.
a dried orange, I also did lemons
My new star atop the tree
Jason asked me Believe in what.. my reply.. in Christmas silly!
The real reason for Christmas!
my sweet treat
The cookie jar my mom gave me
Our stockings ( left Santa is Alex's, the Tiger I bought Jas when we first started dating and the full length Santa I have had since I was little. My Grandma Glenn made it for me and of course I love that it has my unusual name on it)
My homemade cinnamon ornaments shaped in stars, trees, gingerbread man and candy canes.
My snowman salt and pepper shakers my Mom gave me a few years back, if you can't tell Snowman are usually my overall theme.
As a horrible blogger I wasn't very good at picture taking on Thanksgiving so my journaling of the day may seem pretty boring although we had a fabulous Thanksgiving. We spent the day with some of my family at my Aunt Sheila's house in Sandy. First off it was so nice to be close to home and not have to travel far. As usual the food, entertainment (thanks to the Wei) and company were great. My Mom's homemade pies finished the night off perfectly.
Alex checking out the appetizers
Helping himself to a cracker.. not too shabby
Alex was a little scared of my cousin's dog and ran to Daddy for comfort, humm I wonder where he gets that from. I have to add though that Aspen is one of a very select few I can handle being around. She is very well behaved.
I have so much to be thankful for this year. I don't think I can find the words for my level of gratitude for the men and women who have made my freedom possible. After Christmas of '95 in Honduras I have realized just how lucky I am to live in America and have the freedoms I enjoy everyday.
I am also thankful to be married to my best friend. I know I don't thank him enough for being my everything. He is an amazing Husband and a terrific Dad. Whether it's picking up dinner when I've had a rough day, getting up with Alex in the middle of the night or having a Daddy night so I can go play with the girls, he is awesome!
I am very grateful for the ability I have to be a Mother. I know that this does not come as easy to many women. Although it's the hardest job I have ever had it is also the most rewarding. Alex fills me full of so much joy. I am so lucky to be his Mommy.
I could go on and on about all I am thankful for but we don't have all day. Here are just a few more things I am grateful for this year. My home, my family, my friends, my SU! hobby, my new car, my hubby's job that allows me to stay home, being able to read books to Alex, my health that allows me to run and play with Alex which wouldn't have been possible just years ago, my knowledge of life after death, my neighborhood, my family's health, my many relationships, my camera and computer to record memories each day, and my ability to cook.
Life is good! Have a great weekend!


Jennelee said...

Wow Shar, can you come decorate my house! You are awesome girl!! Love ya, TTYS :) Jen

Ray, Leah, Carter and Lydia said...

Did you ever get those cinnamon pine cones made? If you can make cinnamon gingerbread guys, you can make those! :) You have a sweet list of things to be thankful for, Sharie. Tell Jason "believe" could also mean.."Believe in Santa...or else!" If you don't believe in him, he doesn't come to your house. :)

Schiess Clan said...

loved the post, esp. about all the things you are grateful for, a great reminder...

oh the memories of Thanksgiving at Mike and Sheila's- what a great family, miss you guys!

Sami said...

Holy Canoly, Sharie. Why don't you make the rest of us moms/wives who just buy their Christmas ornaments look like garbage this year? :)

Anna-Marie Still said...

I love your dried oranges and all your decorations! That's funny you used "Believe" this year, I used it on my mantle. I'll have to put some pictures of mine on my blog. (I know you won't hold your breath!)

Think I could use my shriveling clementines to make dried fruit ornaments?

Mollie said...

Your house looks so festive and cute! My house needs major help:o) When are we doing lunch?