Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Better not Pout

The last few years we have made it a tradition to go visit the lights at Thanksgiving Point. Again this year we decided to go and after many attempts we finally made it there. Our plan was to visit Santa, see the reindeer and then take a hay ride to go see the lights. We had invited our friends the Whites to come with us again this year. They had decided to join us last minute so we got there awhile before them.

It was the Monday before Christmas so we were a bit concerned about the lines however since it had snowed all day it was slower than usual at Thanksgiving point. First we headed up get in line to see Santa. There wasn't much of a wait and we were done within ten minutes. They printed us a free photo while we were there and even offered to e-mail us a copy, nice huh?! Too bad Alex didn't seem as thrilled as we hoped.

Alex was freaking out!! I guess he doesn't know the old say about not pouting. Check out Santa's shoes, I guess you can't complain about
a free Santa picture right?

As we waited for our friends to come we made our way outside to see Santa's reindeer and stand by the warm fire.

Alex with Daddy meeting Donner for the first time


Trying to get Alex to pose for me

Goofy Daddy!

Last try, Alex wasn't up for picture taking I guess.

Enjoying the warm fire with Mom

Yup, the phone seemed to always be connected to my ear.
After the Whites came we went back through the line to see Santa and then decided to have dinner at the Harvest Cafe. We enjoyed our dinner while catching up. It seems like months go by before we get to do dinner again. We always enjoying hanging out with Josh, Natalie and their adorable girls. Natalie is my friend and former boss. I used to see her daily and now I'm lucky if it's once a month.
By the time we finished chatting it was late and Alex was tired so we skipped the lights this year and headed home. I didn't seem to mind. I was still able to enjoy a night out with my family/friends and was able to get a Santa picture we will always remember. Thanks for a great night!


Ray, Leah, Carter and Lydia said...

Oh..will you hate me if I tell you I laughed out loud when I saw your picture of Alex on Santa's lap? He probably saw that cheap ol' Santa's boots and knew he was an imposter! :)

Mollie said...

Looks like tons of fun...but way too cold:o) Did I tell you about FiFi meeting Santa? Disaster! She got so scared she bit her tongue and started bleeding everywhere. Why do we torture our kids like that?