Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve has been spent at our house the past few years with Jason's family. This year we were able to get a good deal on crab and decided to have it for dinner. Jason's parents and little sister arrived around 4:00 pm for an early dinner. We had a cheese ball and crackers to start then we were on to our steamed crab ( yummy) I also made Red Lobster biscuits & green bean casserole. My MIL brought baked potatoes and coconut cream pie for dessert. Dinner was fabulous!!

After dinner we hung out for a bit while Alex showed Grandpa his favorite movie The Grinch. I love these two pictures of him watching his movie with his famous balloon. He decided this ginormous can of olives made the perfect seat. I had wrapped them up for my nieces who adore olives even though I can't stand them. Alex left the cute paper alone but the bows on top were smashed flat before they made it to Christmas. Can you tell he has on his new jeans that are a tad bit too big for him.
Gotta love the bum

"What Mom?"

I had decided to wait to put out gifts until just a few days before Christmas so that Alex wouldn't be tempted to get into them. On Christmas Eve before our family arrived I had so much to finish up. It didn't help that Alex was into every present. If it was tissue paper in a bag he got into it. He even ripped a bit of wrapping paper before I got it out of his hands. However once it was officially time to unwrap gifts Alex wasn't sure what to think of all of it. His Grandparents spoiled us rotten again this year. Although he loved his new toys he didn't have much interest in unwrapping them.

Grandpa in the background enjoying Alex's reaction

to the tornado of gifts that hit our house.

Alex loving his new Alphabet game. Anything that lights up and plays music is a winner in his book.

We finished taking pictures once Alex's desire to unwrap gifts died. Jas and I however were spoiled with new clothes, tools, food, a printer/scanner/copier, purse, lotions, movies, etc. Alex got a tent, rocking horse, blocks, piggie bank, alphabet game, remote car and a ton of clothes.We were so spoiled by my in-laws that I couldn't believe Christmas was still to come.

Our nice but few gifts we gave them didn't seem to do justice to what they gave us. We got them a new camera ( it's about time they went digital), a camera case and a big basket of food goodies from World Market.

It was a wonderful Christmas Eve. After our family left we got Alex to bed before Santa arrived and then went to work getting our car packed for Christmas and everything ready. After going to bed at 1ish I was up at 4 so I got ready and we left the house at 7:15am to head up to my sister's house for Christmas.

Another post to follow with all of Alex's new toys in action.


Mollie said...

Wow Shar, that's a lot of presents! Have you figured out what to do with all his new toys? I need help in that area...all three of my kids have toys all over their floors. We need a bigger house. LOL:o)