Monday, December 15, 2008

19 months old

Alex is growing up! I have now said it out loud. My baby is not much of a baby anymore. Today he turned 19 months old, he is officially over the 1 1/2 mark. Can you tell I am having a tiny bit of a problem allowing him to grow up. It's funny how I love each stage he has gone through and look forward to the next thing he will do however I want him to always stay little. It really seems like it was only yesterday that I was ready for him to make his way into the world and now I am running after him everywhere.

Today was the first time I had to fish something out of the toilet. I am usually very careful about keeping the doors shut. I was busy getting ready and didn't realize my bathroom door was open. It wasn't but two second that I turned around to find him throwing my neosporan in the toilet, YUCK!!

Everyday it's something new. He is pure entertainment!! Tonight he found out that he could flip over my stool, pack it with his treasures and then procede to ride in it like a car. He was done before I got my camera out so hopefully I can catch it next time. He has been sleeping great * knock on wood* but being a very picky eater. One day he will plow through say oh mashed potatoes so the next day I think okay I will make him more potatoes and he spits them out. I really hope it's a phase. He also loves rolling around on the floor while I tickle him. It's so cute to hear him giggle.

His latest obsession is books. As my Mom would say.. wonder where he gets that from. Although I am not a huge reader now I used to be. I still love books I just know my obsession and if I am reading that is all that matters. When I was little I would read constantly. My Mom said she would think I was cleaning my room only to find me hiding in the closet reading books. I even convinced my Grandma Stewart that I could read because I had memorized my favorite book and could "read" it to her. Looks like I have passed that love of books onto Alex. He carries around his books, asked you to read them all day long and of course the same few favorites, over and over again. Tonight's bedtime story was my favorite, the one I could read at a young age to my Grandma ....

I thought it would be a good idea to take a picture of Alex tonight with his Bear and his book, ya my idea not his as you will see.

" Alex leave the bear alone so I can take a picture please."

"Come on it's only a stuffed animal, smile please."

Fine, a picture with your blanket/bink ( another obsessions)
and your book will do.

Done already, that was a quick photo shoot with very little luck. There's always tomorrow, right?


Bennett Family said...

i thought the photos were GREAT! don't be so picky mom. :)

can't go wrong w/that cute boy!

Nat said...

I haven't had to fish anything out of the toilet yet, I'll consider myself lucky!

Janea said...

Cute post!