Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mommas Group Update

Okay so I have heard back from most of you with your suggestions/preferences. Here is the overall consensus I have got so far.

Everyone is cool for meeting once a week or ever other so to start let's try once a week. That way if you can't come one week hopefully the following week will work for you. Mondays/Fridays are out. I personally am leaning towards Tuesday or Thursday, would that work for everyone?

It looks like most of you could only do early afternoons. Mollie would prefer mornings. Could you do afternoons Mollie? Both Sami and Natalie work in the morning and Emily being the good little girl she is works out ever morning. Wish we could all be like you. ;) Okay so I do workout almost every morning but it's just at home.

As for activities all sound good to most except the pool for Natalie and Emily which I totally understand. We will make this a once a month thing so that it's still an option but not a every week idea. Mollie is moving and will have a park we could meet at. Sami and I have the pool right by our house and multiple parks in the area. If we have a small group we can meet at my house but I don't have room for a big group and no yard here. What's in your area to meet at? Any suggestions on our first big trip out? Wall-E is coming out the end of June. What about a MOMS movie (hopefully everyone knows what I'm referring to).

Moms nights are a hands down good idea. We will do once a month. I am happy to hold open scrapbook/stamping nights at my house. I am suggesting Wednesday nights (only day open for Sami) for now. Weekends are reserved for family most of us, same with Mondays and with us meeting on a Tuesday/Thursday that leaves Wednesday. Depending on what we are doing will determine time. I have found meeting up after the kids are down for the night usually works best. Dads seem to appreciate it too.

As for friends/sisters joining us that is just fine. For now I will e-mail everyone here with a schedule for the next few weeks. If I don't have your personal e-mail please send it to me @ playfulprecious@hotmail.com then you can pass the information on to those you want to invite. Once they start coming I will get their e-mail and add them to my mailing list.

Overview in a nutshell:

Meeting once a week for playdates Tuesday or Thursday early afternoons?
Meeting once a month for a field trip
Meeting once a month on Wednesday for Moms night
Friends welcome

Please confirm this will work for you and I will plan our first months activities. Can't wait to see you all. =) Anyone else interested?


Sami said...

Sounds perfect to me. You're awesome to plan all this Shar. I'm excited! YAY! Grown ups to talk to!

Mollie said...

Sounds fabulous! I'm so glad you're putting this together and not me:o) As far as the meetings, afternoons are fine for the summer...might change once the two older kiddies are in school.

dibble family said...

okay, I hope I'm still invited to this! I am good for Tuesday or Thursday afternoons. I love it! I also have a smallish yard and several great parks by my place, including a supercool splash park and a neighborhood pool.