Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Does being a Great Aunt make me old?

If so then I'm in trouble!! My oldest niece Jillian is expecting her first and announced to the family on Sunday that it's a GIRL. I am super excited! I told her girl or boy I would be both thrilled and sad. I wanted a girl to dress up but also wanted a boy to be close in age with Alex. I am sure they will still be pals anyway.

I have been a huge slacker lately when it comes to blogging and taking pictures. I don't know what my deal is. We have been to the zoo ( no pictures), had a fun picnic at the park feeding the ducks ( again no pictures), been to Alex's one year check-up ( got a single picture there) and many other everyday activities I have slacked on documenting. I vow to be better perhaps I will start tomorrow. For now I will do a little updating.

Jason's work had a party at Hoogle Zoo. Even though it was a rainy day ( June 5th) we still went. By the time we got there it was perfect. The weather was nice, very few people and I was very impressed with the changes they have made to the zoo since we went last year. Alex was good but teething so he just laid around. We took it easy walking around enjoying all the animals. I guess that's why I didn't take any pictures. At times I feel like it takes away from the moment.

Alex has his two bottom teeth, one on top and one sneaking it's way through on top. Even though he doesn't have many teeth he seems to get by just fine. He bites off chucks of his gram crackers like it's no big deal. He really loves grown up food. If we are eating something he wants us to share with him. He is still really good about sharing with us too even if it's a soggy half eaten cracker. We are having problems getting him to eat his baby cereal at night now. I think it's because he has had good food and knows better now.

He is still climbing stairs like crazy. He even took a tumble down them on Monday. Besides scaring him a bit he was fine. He still isn't walking although he does walk around furniture and loves to use his highchair in the kitchen as a walker. It's so funny! I think he will be there before we know it.

Our favorite thing lately is getting him to pull his mean face. He will only do it if he warms up to you. Although we call it the mean face it's really his funny face to get a reaction out of you. It's super cute! If he is in the mood he will clap, pull his mean face and show you his tummy, head, mouth, nose etc. It seems like he is learning something new everyday.

Last night Jason and I got a kick out of watching Alex play with our light up massager. It was fun to see him turn it off and on, and place it on different objects to hear what noise it would make. Who needs TV when you have Alex? He is a handful but so much fun!

Like I said I missed documenting Alex's one year checkup which was May 28th. Everything went smooth. Usually Alex cries when being weighed and for shots of course. This time he was really good. He just played while getting weighed. He loved the sound the paper made when he kicked his feet.

So his stats were.... head 45.8 height 30 and weight just shy of 19 lbs at 18 15. He is still tall for his age but had dropped down to 4% on his weight.

The Dr. shared the devastating news that Alex like his Mother can't keep weight on and needs to fatten up. LOL Purely a joke.. I wish I had that problem!! She told us to serve him fat whenever possible. Butter, PB and 1/2 and 1/2 could be added to his diet. She also recommended full fat yogurt. Do you know how hard it is to get yogurt that isn't low fat? I don't know how worried I am about him being little. I won't panic however it's fun to be able to give him Ritz crackers with PB and not feel guilty about it. Besides being small he is developing great. He barely cried for his shots and we were on our way.

Alex just hanging out waiting for the DR to come in

More later this week I promise. Shae my youngest niece will be visiting for a few days so I will take some pictures and get blogging.


Bennett Family said...

WOW...great aunt. that DOES sound old! :) i know what you mean about taking pictures...lately i've been trying to chill a little more on pictures and be in the MOMENT. i miss so much trying to capture it all.

Mollie said...

Oh I just can't get enough of my little boyfriend...I'm taking over being that FiFi has a new boyfriend.

I can't wait to let Shae and Haileigh play together. I'll see you tomorrow:o)

PS, I agree that sometimes taking pictures takes away from the moment. Yesterday I got in big trouble from Aaron for my little picture taking obsession:o) More on my blog a little later tonight...

Janea said...

So fun. He is growing right up and I STILL haven't seen him in real life! I need to get out more. :)

Amy & B said...

Nice to have you back! I hate it too when I forget my camera. Your little guys is getting so big. He's adorable!