Monday, June 16, 2008

13 months old

Alex turned 13 months old yesterday. It's so sad to see that my baby is growing up. I feel like he is changing everyday. He is always learning something new. I have been teaching him where his eyes, nose, tummy etc. are. Today he kept letting up my shirt to play with my belly button. He is always making me laugh.

He wasn't in the best mood for pictures last night because another tooth popped through. That's 5 total now, 3 on bottom, 2 on top. and 3 of those in the past month. Poor kid! Here are a few pictures.
"Wait? Why do I have to smile again, this sucks!"

Dad to the rescue, I finally get a grin.

Cute he get any cuter?


The Snells said...

Too cute Shar! Nate loved looking at these pics.

Mollie said...

Oh I hate how fast they grow up! That first picture is so stinking cute! And no, he couldn't get any cuter:o)

Sami said...

No, no, I submit that he cannot. Get any cuter that is. He is so adorable. I just want to squeeze him. I know I say that all the time but it's true.

Janea said...

I agree with Mollie..I cannot imagine him any cuter

Becca said...

Wow! I'm so glad you came across my comments on those blogs! Crazy small world! Alex is sooo cute! It's crazy that he's over a year, I think last I saw you he was just born. Anyway, I'm gonna add you as a link on my friends and fam so I can keep in touch! Great to hear from you!