Monday, January 26, 2009


" And when he was naughty he grew ears and a tail."

Don't bother calling him Alex anymore it's now Pinocchio. The famous words above from one of Alex's favorite books has rang through my ears more than once in the past few days or even weeks. He has sprouted ears and a big bushy tail.

My sweet boy has officially hit the terrible twos. He is NAUGHTY!! He fights me with ever diaper change. He is all boy throwing things, hitting people and having tantrums. He refuses to eat anything and everything I give him. One day he will eat say roast and the next day he gags on it. Even his old stand by food he is refusing to eat and throwing it on the floor. Every meal has become a guessing game as to what or if he will eat. At dinner time he usually has a meal and full sippy cup of warm milk. Since he has cut back on eating dinner guess who is no longer sleeping through the night because he wakes up hungry. I refuse to feed him in the middle of the night of a daily basis because he thinks he needs it. As strict as I am or as mean as I am I guess I should say Jason is a push over. Alex has his Daddy wrapped around his pinkie finger. Jas loves cuddling with Alex drinking his milk and watching TV in the middle of the night while I sleep. One or twice while Alex is teething is fine but nightly doesn't fly with me. Last night I told Jason enough was enough and he was not allowed to go in to Alex's room. I was up from midnight to four because I refused to give in but then I finally caved. I was tired and sick of fighting him. At 4 am I sat rocking my baby watching the guys shovel the snow off my sidewalk and the plow in front of my house. I tried for a moment to just cherish Alex being little and healthy rather then being upset at myself or him.

Tonight we will try again to just let him cry it out. I know he is a not starved and it's only become a convenient habit. It's so hard however when you know a quick fix.

He is very smart and knows exactly what he is doing. The other day I was cooking dinner and told him to leave this tray alone. He would pull it out a little but as soon as I looked at him he would push it back, and grin at me while laying on his tummy kicking his feet. He did this a few times before I pulled him away from the situation and put him in our version of time out.

It's almost like he is so smart that he is thinking up his next naughty move all the time. Now don't get me wrong he has his good moments too.

So why has all of this changed, who knows. I believe he has been teething on and off but I can't say that's the excuse for everything. It's amazing how one minute I am so overwhelmed with frustration and the next he is bringing me such joy. Being a Mom is such a roller coaster ride.

I have not gone completely insane yet but only due to my amazing husband. Whether it's calming me down, taking over before I loose it, letting me sleep, cooking dinner or babysitting kids so I can have a impromptu girls night out he is incredible. I am very lucky to have him as my BF and hubby and Alex is even more lucky to have him as a Dad. I really don't know what I would do without him.

I asked Jason yesterday if it would be okay if we cut out bed time, feeding and changing Alex's diaper from our schedule. I am thinking that would make my life a day bit easier. He didn't think that would work too well.

I really don't mean to complain I know I have it good. My baby although naughty is healthy and adorable. I have a roof over my head, am able to stay home and have an awesome husband. I just struggle with how I can't handle one when other friends are balancing multiple kids or adding them to their family so close together. For now one is plenty for me!

Besides venting I am writing this for advice from the many incredible Moms out there who are reading this. Please tell me I am normal for feeling like I am at my wits end. Please tell me I am not alone that this is normal and this too shall pass. For now I am will get through day to day with my Dt. Coke and perhaps a little chocolate. It's a snowy day and besides napping and my mile long to do list I think I may stamp or bake in my jammies. =)

Well thanks for letting me vent if you have read all the way to the end of this post. I hope something changes soon before we have to change his name to Pinocchio OwYoung, doesn't really sound good.


Sami said...

YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Sye has been doing the same stuff lately. They are just learning their boundries. (Right this minute Sye is screaming "NO" at me. :P )

Don't ever feel like you aren't the best mom out there. You are just what Alex wants and needs. That's why he's yours!

Dorothy said...

Don't worry that Zion hit all that when he was like 18 months!!! I find socks in the disposal, our TV painted with peanut butter, my cell phone in his diaper, spaghetti noodles all over the floor cuz he thinks there swords, a whole container of nesquik poured all over the carpet are just a few things that keep me on my toes. I feel ya! I sometimes wish I had a padded room I could put him in for awhile. MOOOOOHAHA!

Emily said...

You think the terrible two's are bad just wait until they are three. They sure find ways to challenge you at every stage in there life. I like reading posts like that because then I don't feel like I'm the only one. I just wish there could be a day that I didn't have to raise my voice at my kids. How would that be? We make it through though don't we. Hang in there.

Cashelle said...

You are so totally normal! I always have the same thoughts and feelings. It's nice to hear someone else does as well. Good luck and if you figure it out please let me know!

Jillinda said...

Oh Sharie, we have all been there. That being said...even knowing someone else has gone through it doesn't make it easier to deal with. I am sorry. Hopefully this phase won't last too long.

The Cox Family said...

Thank you for posting this!!! With my kids it seems like every six months from 12-36 mo. they switched from sweet angel to devil child. (Although even in their devil phases they still had many adorable, wonderful moments). Anyway, my two year old is currently in an evil phase. And while he is absolutely precious and very cute 50% of the time the rest of the time he is... let's say "trying." Since he is my fourth I have learned a couple of things: 1. Don't start bad habits during this annoying time. 2. Leave the room when they are at their worse. 3. Take pictures of the naughty things they do. Because for some reason if you take a picture is stops being maddening and becomes funny. Having said that, I am just trying to survive too!

emily said...

I'm sorry you're going crazy. It's a sad fact that at some point they learn to test us. My Boy was a monster during his "boundary testing" phase (and sometimes still is). I feel for you b/c I know how tough it is sometimes. May I suggest daydreaming about relaxing on a beach? Helps me out!

Jennelee said...

Shar, it is so normal. I totally feel for you. We all have these days. It is hard to remember sometimes that your kids are a blessing so hang in there! Love ya, Jen

Stephanie said...

This is Stephanie...remember me? I am just getting caught up and I loved your resolution post. Also, I just wanted you to know you're not alone with a nearly 2 year old. It is amazing how fast it comes on! My little girl is such a stinker! Maybe a GTU day would help!!

Mollie said...

Sorry Sharie, all I could do was laugh when reading what a stinker your little man has been. You know (from being around my kids) that it only gets worse! And yes, you are normal for being at your wits end...just wait until you're like me! Completely crazy! Hahahaha!

Natalie said...

I am glad to hear Alex is doing better. I still think he is a little angel. :) Stages like this come and go. It gets easier when they start talking more and you can negotiate a little better. At least that’s how it was with Lila. It is even harder to deal with things when you must be exhausted. Get as much rest as you can. Let me know if you need a girls night. Miss you and Alex!

Heather Deputy said...

Hey Shar! Thank you so much for this post!! Today I was just thinking to myself "Why am I having such a hard time being a mom? Why is it so much easier for everyone else?" It's so good to hear that other people are struggling just like I am. It's so hard sometimes but then Asher looks at me and tells me that he loves me and it melts my heart. I think that I need to start meditating or something :) Love you!