Tuesday, January 20, 2009

2009 Resolutions

Here is a marathon post.. you have been warned. I've got to catch up even if it kills me. First off I have to share the exciting news of the day. My BFF (since the age of 2) Laura had a precious baby boy today. No name yet but he is stinkin' adorable!! He was born at 4:48 this morning and weighed in at 8 lb 12 oz and 21 inches long. He is a big baby with full head of red hair. I can't wait to hold him. When I get more than a mobile picture I will be sure to post one so everyone can see how cute he is. Congrats Laura & Chad and to Eve the new Grandma =0)

January is coming to an end and I haven't posted about my 2009 resolutions. As the year came to a close I looked over my list of New Year's resolutions for 2008. It remembered me of where I was at when I wrote those. Baby blues had gotten the best of me and although I had the whole world at my fingertips I felt very alone. Sadly this is very common but still not a ton of fun.

This year things are looking up. Alex sleeps through the night or at least most of the time. Sharie with sleep is much different than a Sharie with no sleep. I haven't really made any drastic resolutions for this year. Of course I vow to be a better wife, mother, friend, daughter sister etc. but I don't have a bunch of things I want to be different. My main goal is to take some time for me and to not be so hard on myself. I am by far my own worst enemy. Who needs enemies when you have yourself to fight with.

I will continue on with a majority of my 2008 resolutions. Here is a review of them, what I have done this past year and what I will continue to do throughout 2009.

-Read to Alex daily

This one started as a chore because Alex had no desire for me to read to him. In the past few months we have spent hundreds of hours reading. He has really grown to love books. His cousin Shae grew tired of a book and since I told her how much I loved it she decided to pass it on to Alex. It's one of our very favorites. We read it daily if not a couple times a day. It's an adorable book for many reasons. A classic tale with a twist, the use of numbers, the pictures, the way the Wolf hides in each page and the way she has included numbers to search for throughout the book. I love asking Alex to find things like a piggy who wears glasses like Mommy or a hat or necklace. If you don't have this book in your collection I would recommend picking it up. I think I will order a few more of her books, they are fun and educational.

-Read two books a month if not more.

Well I failed at this one. It lasted a few months but then I put reading a book on the back burner. I would like to try and ready more but setting a limit of books a month is more pressure then fun for me.

-Stay updated on my blog.

A work in progress!! Did you notice I changed out my background, that's an improvement right? I try to do my best to keep it updated and overall I think I do okay. It started as a journal of sorts and unlike any other journal it's still going so that's a good sign right? I need to stay on top of it so that I have more posts, shorter and can eliminate the words Catching up when referring to my blog.

-Have a date night in or out once a week with Jason. Just spend more quality time together.

I think I have a pretty good marriage and an amazing husband. Anyone who knows me knows I adore spending time with Jas and overall I think we do pretty good. I guess what I would like to change is putting our marriage as more of a priority. I want more PLANNED nights without Alex whether that's getting a sitter or staying in and putting Alex down to bed early. We are currently planning a night away in the next few months so we are working on it.

-Take at least two baths a week again this is to keep my reading going and my me time in check. My showers are usual quick often while Alex is napping, screaming on the floor or after Jason gets home. It's not often that they are relaxing so bath time is a must.

I don't take near enough baths however I don't feel like my showers are so rushed now. Alex has grown up a ton in the past year and is able to shower with me. If I need a break I will often shower while he is napping which also works. I usually end up showering with Alex though. For some reason Alex makes showering more of a play date than a chore.

-Stamp once a week at least, I need to get back in the habit of taking time to stamp. I love it but it's hard when you have a little one. I need to get going on my classes which will help get me stamping.

Well... I definitely stamp more but perhaps not once a week for myself. I am offering classes more often and have a few in the works as we speak. I also just finished up a class last week and made a few homemade gifts this year. Valentine cards are on my list next so I'm working on it. I really need to reorganize my office before I play.

-Mail Random cards out to friends/family once a month. This is a way to put my cards to use. I love to randomly send a pick me up, thank you or thinking of you card. It makes me happy!

Not doing this as much as I would like but I've done it. I sent cards to some family/friends who had some rough times this year. I also have been better lately with thank you cards and hope to continue on that this year. If you need a card, holler.

-Last but not least is to work on my self esteem, try not to be so hard on myself. Have you watched the new show on lifetime called how to look good naked? If not I would highly recommend it. Strange show, wonderful concept. It has really changed my opinion of myself.

This will always and forever be on my to do list. I have my days but doesn't everyone?

Goals to add to this year's list:

Exercise 5 times a week- I have been pretty faithful with this one. I love having workouts on demand and have told myself even 20 minutes a day is better than nothing at all. It has definitely helped with my self esteem which rolls over to other areas of my life.

Cook new things- I have also been pretty good lately with cooking at least 5 days of the week and thanks to two new cookbooks I have been trying some fun new recipes. Need any?

Speak my mind now- Sounds strange but I have tried more lately to say what I am thinking. If I like some one's shirt.. I tell them. If think someone looks great.. I tell them. I have even gone out of my way to write people sometimes total strangers to tell them thank you. If someone has touched my life in some way I let them know. I guess I just realize how short life really is and why hide my gratitude or compliments inside so with that said...

If you are reading this odds are you have impacted my life for the better. In some way I am a better person because of you, so thanks.

Happy New Year!


Mollie said...

Long, but fabulous post:o) You have some awesome resolutions for the year. I think I might have to borrow a few of them. I decided to write my New Year's Resolutions after the baby is born...hopefully, I'll have a bit more energy and perspective on life:o)

Nat said...

LOVE your new background!

Let me know if you want to drop off Alex for a few hours so you can go on a date with Jas, we'd be happy to take him. Seriously.

Dorothy said...

WOW Woman! You are so great! I will be honest. I have a list in my head but you know resolutions are insane for me too keep. Just as long as I am a great wife, mom, and woman I'm okay. Oh and as long as I don't get ginormous!! Love your Face!

Elicia said...

Your blog looks adorable. So I totally relate with what you were saying, I was very hard on myself last year and agree that we are all our own worst enemies. I am trying to remember to treat myself the way I would treat a friend - that would make a world of difference! Anyway, you are a beautiful person, good luck with the resolutions!