Monday, April 13, 2009


Finally caught up on my blog posting ( see my multiple posts below). Jason had an extra long weekend off we we stayed busy going bowling, shopping, spending time with family/friends and laying low at home.
We had a nice Easter mostly spent just hanging at home as a family. We got Alex a few things for Easter but decided at this age we could really just go low key. Later that day we went to Easter Dinner at my Aunt Sheila's house and celebrated my cousin's little boy Asher's fourth birthday. What a beautiful day if only this week's weather looked as nice. Hope you had a Happy Easter!


Dorothy said...

Can PLEASE squish him!!! He is way too cute!!! Don't you playing the easter bunny!!!

Steph said...

Hey Shar,
Good to hear from you on my comments. Yeah, its pretty dang sad around here. Shoot me an email, I can fill you in (unless you alread know). I know news travels fast.
talk soon!