Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Cat came back... or wait was it the bird?

Yup you heard me right. The Cat ( bird) came back the very next day, we thought he was a goner but the cat ( bird) came back.....

Looks like Jason will have to block the holes until this Utah weather officially decides it's spring and gets too hot for our BBQ to be a birdhouse. p.s. It sucks to be old, more details to come!


Megan said...

OhMyGosh, the birds did the same thing in our grill. Those little bastards. ;)

I'm sorry I missed you at the craft boutique. I'll have to watch for you this summer. Thanks for the tip on saving up. I'll get on that. :)

Jillian Bailey said...

OMG they came back?!?!? That is too good! HAA HAA HA! Poor guys thought they had finally found their MTV crib and you keep screwing thing up :)