Monday, October 6, 2008

Spaghetti Baby

Spaghetti and Meatball Baby for sale OBO-

includes left over spaghetti noodles ( may be pre-sucked on or dried out, sealer is not responsible for quality, contact Chef Boyardee for compliments) spaghetti covered floor, spaghetti covered highchair, spaghetti covered clothes. Buy now and receive one exhausted crazy spaghetti covered Mom. Buy now, too cute to pass up, will sell fast.
Spaghetti Baby and yes he put the bowl there, I didn't.

After a long warm bath

On a side note Alex is now saying Hi and waving at anyone and everyone that will acknowledge him.


Dibble's said...

How freaking cute is your baby? So freaking cute is the answer!

Jamie said...

Motherhood is so messy, but cute messy!

Sami said...

Oh my heavens. He is so funny! I love your post too, that was so creative. Love it!

Mollie said...

I'll take him! He and FiFi will have a great time making a mess for me:o)

* tilila and karter * said...

hey there lady! i finally joined the blog wagon.. :) hopefully we can keep more in touch this way!! alex is getting so big i cant believe it! he is so stinkin cute though!