Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad!

Tears fill my eyes as I read back over last year's entry about my Dad. Today would have been his 63rd birthday. I miss him so much! It has been 18 years since he passed away. So much has changed since he was with us. Every year on his birthday I put together some thoughts and send them to my family. I have saved these over the years and also the responses I have received from others. It is nice to read back on all the memories we have of Dad. Today I want to share a few poems I came across in my scrapbooks while looking for pictures of him. I hope that someday Alex will be able to read this and learn of his Grandpa Roger. I have several fun photos of my Dad I would like to share but unfortunately my scanner is not working right now. I will try to add them later. For now here is one of my favorites that I have shared before.

Two poems I found and included in a poem book I made in High School

A Season's Wait

Daddy's remains we buried in the cold, trampled earth by gnarled, aging tree trunks anguished by limbs withered to leafless decay, where amidst perished bough and barren ground lie fallen seeds strewn all about, lying in wait for sun and fair showers knowing those windblown, shriveled shells spring time is just a season's wait. - Miles Tuason


by Emily Ivie


Before you cross that hall this last day,

Wait for me.

I have one more thing to say

Before the end.

I never had the courage, but

I may not have the chance again.

Just stop a moment and let me say

How I feel.

I have to tell you

How much you meant to me.

The doors are closing in each room.

The windows shut and cut me away

From all I knew.

Before I start my newest life, I must

Finish the old.

Before you leave, I must

Confess at last

That your life has touched mine.


A poem I wrote for the same poem book.


Loving, funny, kind

Father of Kim, Shane, Brandon, Sharie

Lover of Pam, nature, work

Who felt love, hope, pain

Who needed respect, acceptance, family

Who gave encouragement, service, money

Who feared failure, loss, pain

Who would have liked to see world peace, kindness unity

Resident of heaven, in the clouds above


A few of my friends have lost loved ones recently. A spouse, Father and Grandpa and with each one a piece of me aches for the pain they are enduring. Sadly I know that although time may help it will not heal all pain. After eighteen years I still miss my Dad. I had a conversation this week with my friend who recently lost her Father. She told me that her niece reminded her family that with death comes new life. I thought of the upcoming arrival of the newest member of our family. Jillian ( my oldest niece) is expecting a little girl the end of the month. It brings me joy to think of my Dad spending time with this precious new baby before sending her to us. I feel his presence often and know he isn't too far away. Happy Birthday Dad, I love you!


Nate and Haylee said...

That is so sweet. Gave me goose bumps. I admire your strength, and know, too, that those we have loved and lost are never far away.

Bennett Family said...

Beautiful post Shari. Very touching! Someone once told me that there really is no death-just a rebirth into our next phase of eternal life. I love that outlook! It's just hard for those of us that are left behind. I'm sure your dad is so proud of you.
Love ya!

Dibble's said...

What a wonderful post, Shar. i sure love ya!

Jeremy and Jill Cox said...

I can't believe it has been eighteen years. What a beautiful tribute.

Mollie said...

Happy Birthday to your Dad!

Sorry I am so late posting sure know how to make a person cry!

I was just telling A this past weekend, that three of my kiddies were fortunate enough to meet my grandpa here on earth, the other is being prepared for this life by him in heaven:o)

Jillian Bailey said...

I like the post from Mollie about Grandpa being up there preparing other family members to join us in this life. I like to think of him up there with my baby girl. Maybe thats why she isnt here yet. Grandpa is having way to much fun with her. I wish I could have known him for longer.. But I am so grateful for the 3 short years I had with him, and even more grateful that I remeber him! He sure was a handsome guy. Miss you Gramps! Now get to sending my baby here! please :)