Monday, May 17, 2010

Picture Day

My amazing, talented cousin Jes came to town from California to visit. She as sweet enough to come over to take some pictures of my little ones as well as my two great nieces. It was quite an eventful day. Hundreds of photos, blankets, sheets, poops and pees later we are left with priceless photos. For now here are a few pictures. I have tons more to share. Enjoy! Lily was just nine days old and Alex was a week shy of 3 years old.
Alex Roger

Lily Grace


Jamie said...

Your kids are beautiful!

Sherion said...


Ari, Hayley, Carson and Stratton said...

What cute pictures. Your kids are such dolls!

The Spooners said...

You have two VERY BEAUTIFUL children. Can't wait to get to come see you!!!


Dibble's said...

Oh what beautiful kiddies! The pictures turned out darling too. I love the sweet yawn that Lily is sporting! And all of that hair!!!!! NO FAIR! :)