Sunday, November 8, 2009

Silly Alex

It seems like everyday this week Alex has done something to make me smile. Thought I would share just a few pictures of my silly boy. Alex is a big helper and loves to put away groceries. Jason and I took our Costco run and were busy putting away our goods. We tried to keep Alex busy by giving him items to put on the stairs that needed to be taken up. I gave him the shampoo bottle. To be honest I looked at it and thought the pump is closed no worries. Forgot I have a very smart kid who knows how to unscrew the lid. He came back so proud of his hair job, needless to say it was a bath time we didn't originally plan.

See Mom, all by myself

A close up

Alex loves to grab the camera and comes to me saying " Picture Please!" The picture above and below are two times this week when he asked me. Silly boy!

A few weeks ago we took Alex to the circus. Grandpa spoiled him with cotton candy, $10.00 cotton candy I might add but we try to justify the price with the fact that it came with this .50 felt hat that Alex loves to play with.
Another time this week Alex was being silly and asked to have his picture taken. This was directly after being super naughty.
He sure does know how to make me smile. Love ya Alex!


Janea said...

so funny! such a cute little guy.

Emily Call said...

cute. He really needs to come over and play with Mayci.