Monday, February 7, 2011


Been busy and need to play catch up. For now wanted to journal a few things.

Lily has slept through the night for the past 3 nights. Hooray!! Nothing feels better than getting as full night's sleep. I love it!

Alex has been cracking us up lately. Here are just of few of the things he has done/said lately that I want to remember.

The other day he told he had a problem, when I asked what it was he said "Mom, I have allot of problems." I laughed!

He has been into playing pretend lately. The other day we had to put on our imaginary hats so that the dinosaurs who were in our front room wouldn't see us. Alex was nice enough to get bananas out of the pantry and put them in the front room in case they got hungry.

He is always saying I'm joking Mom, or just kidding Mom. The one day he was walking around saying Ho, Ho, Ho. I proceeded to pretend I thought he was Santa. "Mom, it's just me I'm just kidding." What a jokester!

Another time I was upstairs getting Lily ready when I came down to find him eating a snack. We keep a child lock on our pantry for this very reason. I thought I had made sure the door was shut before leaving him alone. Sure enough it was shut in fact it was still shut just missing the lock. When I asked Alex what happened to the lock he grabbed it from a drawer saying" I needed a snack so I took it off." Then he proceeded to show me how he used a plastic kid's knife to pop off the lock. So much for that idea now.

Alex loves to fix stuff. He will go around with his gloves, tool box and belt playing Handy Manny. You will often find him fixing chairs, cracks he thinks he finds in the walls and best yet the crack he found on his Dad's butt last week. I was dying of laughter!